" I wish that I had this guide before I have quit my job"
Mark Pollard

Waiter Guru describes the real experiences and how to deal with daily problems in 21 chapters and 56 pages. It just makes many things so simple. You will learn so much and get through the book so quickly that you will want to start your working shift with your new knowledge and attitude immediately.

Mark Pollard">


A perfect guide for starters and professionals, for waiters & bartenders.


The book bellow will teach you how to....

Be a Happy Waiter from the begining to the end of your shift
Delight the Customers and make them good tippers
Get the Best Tip and how to deal with bad tipping days

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The key to a good writings is to have a surprising truth.

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I always find something that everyone thinks in one way, and explain that really it could be  another way. If I can achieve that, I’ve hit a home run.

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