Working with orders per table


Working with orders per table in POS Sector.


conducting-order-per-table-in-restaurant-pos-softwareworking with orders per table pos sector


You can star working with orders per table after you activate Work per tables. Select a table where you wish to make an order, type in the desired items and go to Order, after which the table turns red, which is a sign that it is occupied. Of course, you can make new orders for the same table.

Should you wish to make a note for the kitchen or the bar, you can do that by clicking on a number that represents the quantity of item, after which a window will open where you can enter quantities, discounts or notes. Collecting of payment for all orders together is performed by opening of table, on drop-down menu select All orders and go to Cash.

If you do not wish to collect payment in cash, then you click on icon “card”, which opens additional methods of payment; you can select between cash, card or transaction account, you have that option as well.