Splitting of invoices


Splitting of the entire order into several invoices is a very useful option, when everybody wishes to pay for their own consumed food and drinks.

invoice splitting in restaurant pos software pos sector



Select the table where the relevant group of guests is seated. After entering into table, you will see their entire orders on the third vertical column. Select “All orders” option and click on the first icon above orders (icon looks like a card) and select option “Split invoice”. A new form with three columns will open, including the following:

  • Total order
  • Order for payment
  • Type of payment with discounts

The process of payment for individual orders in this form is as follows. With one click on an item from “Total order” this item is transferred into “Order for payment”. After selecting items for payment, select one of “Type of payment with discounts” from the third vertical column and payment of one individual invoice is completed.