Defining quantity of ingredients for menu items

Adding of new goods into software and defining quantity of ingredients for menu items.


defining ingredients for menu item pos sector





After logging in, click Edit and you will enter a part of the software where new items, categories are added, prices are changed, standard serving sizes defined, etc. Find the item for which you wish to define the standard serving size, select it and go to ingredients. Clicking on field Ingredients opens a window for defining of standard serving sizes comprised in the item. The window is divided into two parts, the first part contains a list of all entered goods, which you can search in a line that is located at the beginning of the window.

Entering the necessary name in the first part filters the goods that contain such name, clicking on Add goods a second part of the window opens and shows which ingredients are included and in the quantities of goods in an item. The basic quantity allocated to every good is 1, clicking in the field Quantity you enter the quantity of goods that is consumed in item. Clicking on field Remove deletes an ingredient from item.