Cumulative report for a specific period

cumulative report for specific period

Cumulative report for a specific period gives you a cumulative review of report. This report can be created as needed, meaning as desired. The repot may contain all the necessary information and it is suitable for fast, comprehensive reporting. It is printed on POS printer.



Should you wish a report where you can generate criteria for acquiring of report yourself, go to BackOffice -> Reports -> Printing of Report for period, then click Open.

On the left-hand side you will see the criteria for acquiring of reports; each filter (criterion) which is marked as YES will include its data on the report. In the lower right-hand corner you set the date for which you wish the report, click on currently shown date and select the first and last date (period will become blue) for which you wish to get a report.

By pressing Print, the report is printed on POS printer. This report can be printed only on POS printer.

 Graphic overview of data

Should you wish a report that will have a graphic overview of data, go to BackOffice, then go to Analytics, which opens simultaneously when BackOffice is launched. Immediately upon opening, you will get a diagram review of your turnover for selected period. The blue line shows your current turnover, while the red line shows the turnover from seven days before. In such way you can get an indicator whether your turnover is growing or declining in comparison to the previous period.

At the end of the page you will have reports for Items, Operators, Taxes, Consumed goods, etc. (display of these categories can be adjusted by clicking on an icon that symbolizes settings in the upper right-hand part of the window). By clicking on Items you will get a numerical and graphic review of sale of items for the desired period.

Reports can be printed on POS and A4 invoice, and if necessary it can be exported to Excel (CSV format).