Adding of new category and sub-category

We divide items per main categories, meaning sub-categories. If the current category or sub-category for your new item is not adequate, you can add a new one. Adding of new categories and sub-categories is performed in the following way:

Adding New Categories and Subcategories in POS Sector



After logging in, click Edit and you will enter a part of the software where new items, categories are added, prices are changed, standard serving sizes defined, etc. When you enter you will notice that there is a “+” next to the title  of the main category, which serves for adding of new category; when you click on “+” a window opens where you enter the title of the main category and in the same way you add a new category within the defined main category, i.e. you choose the main category into which you wish to add a new category and click on Add new category (lower left-hand corner).