Adding goods to stock


Adding  goods to stock is performed in the following way:


adding-products-to-warehouse-category-in-restaurant-pos-softwareadding goods to stock pos sector



In order to do adding of goods to stock and start monitoring consumption, first you should enter the quantities that you have. You will do that by entering BackOffice -> stockrooms and clicking on “+” after which you choose Supplier’s account.

A new window opens where you first define the supplier, and if this is your first time entering the supplier then you click on “+” next to supplier and enter its name, then you move to the empty line which is a filter for searching and you enter the name of goods that you wish to put in stocks.

The part below will show you the results of your entry, and after finding of desired goods you have a possibility to enter the quantity of goods as well as the purchase price.

Clicking on Add will make the goods move to the other part of the window and you can enter another item. After entering all necessary items, click on X, the window will close and the goods will be in stocks.