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What to keep in mind when it comes to restaurant equipment

What to keep in mind when it comes to restaurant equipment

Restaurant equipment inventory includes all the small ware and large equipment that directly or indirectly influence the service provided to your customers.

Restaurant equipment inventory can be divided into two major categories: small ware and large equipment.

Small ware

Small ware is anything from forks and plates to pots and pans, glasses, blenders and food processors and all the rest that is needed for preparation and serving of food and drink.

It is very important to select pieces that can be easily replaced in case of breakage. This is especially important when it comes to glasses, silverware and dishes. You could find yourself in a very unfavorable situation if you select glasses or dishes that you cannot supplement with new ones if they get damaged.

Esthetics of the small ware as well as the quality is important since the customer comes in direct contact with them. Always select plates and glasses that correspond to the interior design of your restaurant and to your offer.

If exclusive restaurants or hotels are in question than brand of the pieces is important as well. These establishments host clientele that is familiar with the leading brands and will therefore recognize them and appreciate your effort for using them.

Large equipment

Large restaurant equipment includes all the coolers, freezers, ovens, ranges, air conditioners, dish washing equipment, work tables and stations, etc.

When selecting this equipment, quality is the most important factor since good quality and proper maintenance lead to long lasting and safe usage without fears of breakages.

It is important to pay attention to individual parts of certain large equipment pieces, such as compressors, thermostats, heaters, since it is precisely these parts that determine the quality. Design is also relevant in terms of practicality and enabling easier and faster work.

Water plays its role

It is also important to regulate the water that runs through the equipment by for example installing a water filtration system, if the washer already doesn’t have one. This will prolong the life of the equipment and prevent breakages. This especially applies to the dish washer and ice maker. Dishes will be clean and without streaks and the ice clear.

In addition to quality and esthetics, maintenance is just as important. Proper and regular maintenance will enable long life for your equipment, prevent damages and satisfy the numerous sanitary criteria the restaurant is obligated to follow.