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Designing a cafe bar

Designing a cafe bar

Ambiance of a cafe bar or a bar is considerably different than that of a night club or a restaurant. If you are designing a cafe bar by your own , you might want to include several elements considered to be typical of such a space.

Warm or cold colors can be used for details

Colors are important, above all. Warm colors such as shades of brown are recommended as a main color. Since brown is associated with coffee, it is considered appropriate for a café bar. For smaller details, you can use warm or cold colors, as you wish.

Another element important in creating a warm atmosphere is material. Wood and wood products are recommended for achieving the most comfortable and homey atmosphere. So space is not monotonous, you can cover the walls with stone or brick for example, and you can also use materials such as glass, metal or plastic. If used properly, these materials can contribute to a comfortable ambience as well.

Search for a perfect chair or armchair is eternal

For upholstering chairs, armchairs or benches, you can use any type of material. Leather or eco leather is most practical as far as maintenance is concerned, but the usage of fabrics achieves a warmer feeling. You can find numerous choices of decorative fabrics on the market and with appropriate choice and placement upholstered pieces can be main decorative elements in your space.

Regarding furniture choice, armchairs, benches or chairs with armrests are recommended since they are comfortable for sitting but also look comfortable and therefore are appealing to the customer. They will look at it and sit right there to have their morning or afternoon coffee.

Lately, models that are between armchairs and chairs are popular. They are comfortable, have dimensions similar to chairs and can fit in smaller spaces.

However, the search for an ideal chair or armchair is eternal and you will have to compromise. Sometimes, aesthetics will win, but be careful that the model you choose is also as comfortable as can be.

Cafe bar should not be dark

When you designing a cafe bar think about lightening.Daylight is most important. If you are involved in the architectural design of the space, leave as many windows as possible. In case you have limited natural light coming in, you must compensate with artificial light. Warm, white light is recommended as opposed to light in colors. Try to be moderate with the number of lamps. It is not recommended for a café bar to be dark, but too much light is also not a solution.

If you are not certain how much light is too much, leave multiple light switches available so you can easily control it.