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Secrets and traps that you need to know about bar equipment prices

Secrets and traps that you need to know about bar equipment prices

If you are considering opening a bar, a cafe bar or a cocktail bar, or you are simply not satisfied with equipment you currently have, read experts’ advice on what every owner should know about bar equipment prices.

Don’t wait until the last minute

During many years of working with bar owners, long standing ones or the ones just opening an establishment, we have come across numerous interesting details we can advise the newcomers with.

In the beginning, many of them invest a lot in the interior, expensive TVs, chairs, etc., and when the establishment is about to open, they remember they need glasses, a dishwasher, straws, coasters… At that moment, a supplier is expected to react quickly and deliver everything that is necessary most urgently.

The biggest problem is that by that time most of the money is already spent, and when the opening day starts coming closer, the owner must save money and buy cheaply, therefore losing a lot.

This applies to the POS program (such as POS Sector) as well. Purchase of a software almost always comes at the very end of preparations and the owner must pay special attention to what the program’s capacity is. The basis of running a business is being familiar at every moment with all the necessary information.

For that reason, a reliable program is needed. If the owner approaches this issue lightly, he/she can pay a high price, starting from poor accounting, staff thefts, wrong information on inventory, finances, etc. Therefore, we advise you to take this question very seriously and test the programs you are thinking about buying before you make a final decision.

Don’t go too cheap

The value of your investment and bar equipment prices depends on the character and capacity of your establishment.
Equipment does not have to be too expensive, unless a restaurant with a highly functional kitchen is in question.
Here, we are concentrating on café bars, disco clubs and cocktail bars.

Many owners try to save on equipment and buy the cheap stuff just to get them through the season, after which they will buy something better. However, the opposite happens, the cheaper equipment brakes in the middle of the season, and after several attempts to use it, the owner loses a lot of money in the process and must finally invest in more expensive, professional tools.

Consult your bartender

Regarding bar equipment, it would be useful to consult your bartender. Some of it depends on bartender’s skills, knowledge and needs.

Pay attention to hygiene!

Don’t use equipment that collects bacteria and presents a risk for your customer’s health! Use only equipment made of materials that are approved by sanitary standards.

In our opinion, it is much easier to do business if you stick to one supplier in these matters, who will know your needs, supply you with good quality equipment, and also provide you with good advice when you need it.