Quality Waiter – The Art of Good Service

Quality  Waiter – The Art of Good Service

If you have high quality waiter you are on the best way to have good service in your restaurant or bar.

The key to earn good returns is not to focus on making money, you have to be focused on your customer. It is primary principle of service in the hospitality industry.

Focusing on the customer

Focusing on the customer is the key which will ensure you  to make the money you want at the end of your shift. You will probably sometimes get that feeling that you are doing endlessly without expected results.
But what you need to do is to dedicate to each guest and make him happy. You don t need to think about number of guests or how much it all together costs. Instead, focus primarily on the best way to make money, and that is to focus on the guests , that is your favor.

Set your goal in cash

Most waiters makes mistakes when they say: “Today I need to earn 100 dollars!” When you earn 70$ instead of 100$ for you it’s still a failure. This way, you are constantly upset and stressed. The solution is to set a goal in a time interval of 15 days or a month. Because some days you will earn 150$ or 120$, and some days you will earn 50 $ Additional income will cover the difference in daily incomes.

Taking care of guests

The only thing that waiter could control is to provide good service to guests. Do not get discouraged or be disappointed when you see empty tables. The key is to take care of each table the maximum and wait for “good table” during your shift. This point of view will lead you to visible better earnings.

Approach to the guest

Define what kind of guests you have and what they expect from you as  waiter with experience. Please do not belong to one of two groups of annoying or robot waiters. The first group are those waiters which approach to guest is constrained and they are like robots with CD inside with repetitive welcome text. The second group are the waiters which walking from table to table and give guests more enthusiasm than guests receive it for their birthday. The language they use is full of adjectives like “incredible” or “specia”l. Do not be one of them!
Look for the signals from guests and try to see what kind of approach they expect from you and follow their wishes. Find a way to communicate with guests and build a relationship with them. Try to find the opportunity to start a conversation that is not related to food or drink, and leave the customer to decide whether to talk or not. The only way is to be honest, because the guests certainly smell insincerity. Customers appreciate this approach to serving and communication and unreservedly reward waiter which is not one of the robot waiters.

Discard the prepared scenario in communication with the guest

When a customer wants a recommendation, most restaurants have ready answers for the waiters which they should say to each table. Of course, a guest who comes next time will encounter the same recommendation spoken in the same way. The best way to make change and not repeat yourself is to change the order in which you mention these things. Make sure your answer follows the logic in order to pronounce.
This communication does not require more thinking, but it certainly requires from you to think about how you would not sound  as per scenario. This is the minimum that you need to do to get the opportunity to advance your work. Workers who do not have self-initiative to improve the way they work usually remain in the same place and will not be rewarded or promoted because of that. Please do not be a one of workers who do not think for themselves.

A fear of of reviews

Great number of waiters have a fear that they could say to guest something inadequate or beyond the capabilities of restaurant or waiters. Good sales do not mean doing things you do not want to do. No one really can not sell ice to Eskimos.
The power of sale includes a rejection to sale to customer that is neither personal nor unethical, and done with right reason. Waiter need to make this decision if it s possible that the customer gets a taste which has not wanted or unwanted service. The food and drink that manager demands to sale at the same time giving a financial boost each time waiter realized sales is double-edged sword. Doing business this way manager encourages waiters to watch guests as walking wallets, not as a guest.
When it’s safe to sell these products ? And the answer is – when the customer accepts gladly order from you.
The aim is to distract guests from the order that you from your experience believe that the customer will not like. Each restaurant has in its offer food or drinks that are mediocre and it is possible that orders could disappointed your guests. Give him a choice, and then give them an offer which your manager prefers. This way, waiter does not force your guest with the promotion, and you achieve the maximum – guest which is happy with taste on waiters recommendation. This will ensure that your sales logical and unobtrusive, which leads to customer trust and returning customers.

Test- We will make one little test to make sure that you are doing it right.

If your friend  visit your  restaurant, what would be your recommendation?
– If you have guests and you recommend the same thing as you have recommended to your friend, then you know how to work and take care of the guests.
– Break the rules and recommend to your guests what  could enhances their meal.
Your experience with the recommendation has to be  based on what you have been tasted. You need to have personal opinion and knowledge. This is a higher service you provide, you are sharing knowledge and opinions emerged from the experience.
– You do not sell the ready sequences of food or drink, but recommend the sequence which is best and tastiest for you.
– Break the rules and tell to guests what improves their meal. Most guests will not object to this proposal, and you do not need to consider that you will offend someone with it. Offering these amendments will not offend guests until you follow the logical additions to the meal, rather than a continuous process that is offer for every guest.
-The key to this whole process is that you are doing things that are in customer interst, not your personal. Selling food or beverages that are not the best option for guests, will harm to the restaurant but also to you.
Never forget that the customer determine where to go and how much money they will spend and how much tip will leave. But your customer which have great meal is a happy customer. You can not offer superior meal and experience to every guest, but you can try. And if you try, your guests and wallet will notice the difference.

Do not be part of the problem

Working in shifts is part of a waiter’s job. Different shifts often have different waiters, and with it a different shifts adventures. Is not the same to work in a shift with people who are frustrated and lazy as opposed to shift where all work together and share positive energy.

No one likes to work with a person who is stressful and barely manage to cover his region. No one likes to work with someone who does not give away a minimum in order to make guest happy and satisfied. If you are not one of the employees with whom others want to work and to be in a shift, then you’re part of the problem.
Acts of your colleagues can not be control, but you can certainly keep track of your actions and suggest your positive example. When every employee on duty acting in the best interests of the team and the restaurant, then shift goes smoothly and imperceptibly.
The best way is to set an example and point out to your colleagues how to work and in what way. Soon, your colleagues will feel that your way is relaxed and beautiful and that is certainly the way which matching them too.
A few tips to show your colleagues and encourage them to have a nice relationship with your team in shift :

YES is an excellent answer

Respond with YES: Many waiters when they are asked for help instinctively look for an excuse. You do the opposite and tell them Yes. The easiest way to point your colleagues is that you offer help when you see that they need it. Today it is the case with them, and tomorrow maybe with you. Change the response of avoidance in response of help and soon you can be sure that you have already modify the relations in a positive way and your working mates will give you help in similar situations.

Share information and inventories

Share information with colleagues well as inventories that are running low. Please do not only look at yourself and grab as you are working alone . You are one team and one shift, so do behave like that..

Stay calm and relaxed

Do you known the feelin,  when the restaurant starts to fill with guests and stress level starts to rise? It is a time when you need to keep calm and ignore the panic which is increasingly stronger for your colleagues. Be good example that you are calm and do not be affected by panic. This will be positive  influence for others from your team in your shift. It s happened often that whole team drawn-into scare only because of the actions of the individual. Please do not be that person, but rather calm and relaxed. Your colleagues will follow your example.

Say something nice

The biggest skill you have as experienced waiter is  to talk to your colleagues  when you are preparing for a shift  and make them  feel better. One of the simplest ways is to say something nice for your colleagues new hairstyle or you colleague new T shirt. Be the person who will give a sense to your co-workers who added security in themselves and raise their moral.

Waiter / waitress job is really different than most jobs. Salaries are mostly small, and most of the income comes from the tip. Tips to get the best possible tip vary from customer to customer, and you never know how many guests will leave the tip until the guests really do not go. For waiters who like a bit more to count this is a big problem.

Top waiters give the same service level to every guest

Curiosity is a normal human trait. But to predict how much tips will customers leave is similar to the situation with a small child who turns and shakes gift box and trying to determine what’s inside.
Serving nature is such that only at the end of your shift, you can know how much tips your guests have left. Also, planning “which tactics should I apply today” is not realistic, because every day is different, as well as guests.
The problem with counting money from tips during a shift is that there is no result that will go on your behalf. If you make less than you would like, you can become disillusioned and unmotivated to work. If you make more than you expected then you are going to work with less enthusiasm than with first guests and to serve guests differently at the end of the shift.

Quality waiters give the same service level to each guest.
With this attitude they neutralize both , good and bad information, as well as situations. They know well that because their final salaries and services quality that they need to provide to guests , counting tips during their shift – is out of the question.

Pessimists frequently bring bad mood – Be positive

Almost every restaurant or bar has a waiter or a member of the team who is a pessimist. When it is proved that they are wrong and that it is everything positive, they will find a reason to complain about things that are not okay. Even when they make a good money, they complain about taxes to pay. These are the people who look at the rainbow and complain about the rain that had just passed. Eternal pessimists.
Very strange, but such a people with such an attitude actually affect in their predictions. They predict that they will make less money than they should, and their attitude helps them to get this happen. With pessimists working  is not funy. No matter how much your pessimistic person is your good friend, from the very beginning of the shift, his attitude do not lead to anything good.

We’re not talking about that only positive attitude will bring you what you want. A positive attitude will bring guests and fill your restaurant. Pessimistic attitude decreases value of the service and the number of satisfied guests. Your pessimistic workers would rather prove that they have right, rather than worked their work and improve service.

Most evenings you can not predict the fact if the restaurant will be full or empty. It is the nature of the restaurant business. Unrealistic optimism is also not a healthy attitude. The key in  hospitality industry as well as in any other business is to be realistic.
Organize themselves and choose how you will approach to customer and in which way. Whether you are serving a guest or a table with lots of guests – give them the best service.
In hospitality business all the predictions are wrong and every guest is  a new story.
Note: The facility where you work and your wallet can not afford pessimism.