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Restaurant POS Software for Bars and Restaurants

Everything you need for managing coffee shops, clubs, bars or restaurants

Restaurant POS Software for Bars and Restaurants
No commitments! No contract!

Making Invoices with Fast, Secure and Reliable POS Software

Regardless of the size of the catering object, cafes, bars or clubs, they all have similar problems. One of them is the "Rush Hour", a period of the day when you have the greatest number of guests. Therefore, your POS software must be fast, reliable and simple for use.

With user friendly restaurant pos software your chance to get the customers service that will satisfy guests at each table are much bigger!

Restaurant POS Software for Bars and Restaurants POS Sector provides to you:

  • Use our solution to make orders easily
  • Conducting inventory and stock control to manage your retail planning
  • To add new menu items, change prices or other information by yourself easily
  • Do a different payment methods (processing credit card, bank transfer, coupon)
  • To add discounts on a specific menu items or on the full amount of the bill
  • To ban the use of certain parts of the program to individual users
  • Gives you solution to link between multiple charged units
  • POS Sector allows you printing to multiple printers
  • To use any hardware of your choice
  • Online support
  • Free video guide
  • To follow trends in technology


Business Analysis With POS Sector

Restaurant point of sale software for bars and restaurants POS Sector give you a clear analysis of your restaurant operation and business opportunities in easy to understand diagrams. Charts and diagrams with numbers clearly illustrate the right situation and gives the opportunity for timely action to improve your services and stop the negative trend. Analytic is an extremely important and must be done to track and improve your restaurant service.

By looking at the future and past, you can make a comparison and take proactive decisions to plan your operations for maximum success. So Business Intelligence can give you “Information” but POS Sector Analytics solutions gives you the “Knowledge” – To Act Upon!

Benefits of Restaurant POS Software POS Sector:

  • Clear insight into current business trends with our pos solutions
  • Detailed analysis of sale of specific menu items,food and drinks
  • Preparation for bookkeeping (with tax calculation)
  • API and Open communication for your bookkeeping system
  • Sales analysis by staff or menu items to improve staff management system and customers service
  • This same pos systems are using managers in hotels and restaurants with 5 stars, and if they are happy with it, you will be happy too! Give it a try, It’s free!


Managing Orders with Restaurant point of sale Software POS Sector

For each restaurant the primary goal should be satisfied loyal customer, and the guest will be satisfied if your restaurant fulfills his expectations. In addition to fulfill the general rules of catering as great customer services and good food, the first step is to have quality management which can support your promises.

We try to help you to spent less time in accounting and at your retail supplier place while giving you big picture of your restaurant, so you can focus on what’s more important -your guests and your customers service!

Restaurant POS Software for Bar and Restaurant POS Sector allows to your waiters to take orders and send them automatically to the printer in the kitchen and printer at the bar so your kitchen or bar staff knows immediately what food or drink they need to prepare.


You can also use Kitchen Display and POS Sector Mobile to have two ways communication between waiters and kitchen. You can learn more about Kitchen display and it’s benefits below.

Features of Restaurant POS Software POS Sector

  • You can manage orders per table
  • Guests could make payment per order or pay all together for selected table
  • Splitting orders for faster dish preparation to different printers or KDS ( kitchen or bar)
  • Invoice Splitting (“Going Dutch” or all even)
  • Different payment methods (processing credit card, bank transfer, coupon)
  • Inventory management systems
  • Stock control systems
  • Online technical support for POS Sector users
  • You may use this software on any hardware and OS of your choice


Do what you like
POS Sector will take care of the rest!

Do what you like <br> POS Sector will take care of the rest!
No commitments! No contract!