Restaurant Mobile Ordering System

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Restaurant Mobile Ordering System
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Mobile Applications and Tablets

If your waiters are loosing a lot of time going back and forth from kitchen to tables just to check out if order is ready, or to send order to kitchen, than this is for You. Mobile devices can help you solve that problem, and improve your customer service. POS Sector works on all major mobile platforms including iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

Point of sale for mobile devices POS Sector Mobile allows waiters to send order while they are at table with customer without need to go to the kitchen. Waiter is going to the kitchen only when order is ready with use of Ipad or some other mobile device.

Every order that has been made can be displayed on kitchen display, which allows two ways communication between Kitchen staff and Waiters. There is no more “You didn’t told me” excuses.It s very simple and easy to work with POS Sector.

POS Sector Mobile features:

  • Speeds up ordering process with use of Ipad or some other tablets
  • Increase sale and improve business
  • Improve communication between staff
  • Better customer service – waiters have more free time to spend with guests
  • There is no need for special hardware support
  • Online support for POS Sector users


POS Sector KDS - Kitchen Display System

Printing orders on kitchen printer helps you get the orders in the kitchen, and that's it. It's great first step for optimization of your workflow, but it's still only one way communication channel.

Would it be better if you can allow your stuff to easily communicate. So waiter can send order to the kitchen, and kitchen can notify waiter when order is ready?


Or you want to get rid of the printers in kitchen?
That is where POS Sector KDS can help. It’s touch screen display, which can be regular pc or a tablet. When waiter create order, it is displayed on KDS. You can see easy when it’s created, which waiter did it, and for which table. All that helps you to decide what should you prepare next.

With KDS You’ll use paper only when printing receipts.

Why should you use it?

  • No mistakes and ghost orders
  • You can easily understand what should you prepare next
  • It provides communication between kitchen and waiters
  • There is no need for special hardware support
  • No paper any more, only when you print receipts!

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