POS Sector’s Black Friday Deals

By POS Sector's three-month licence for only 3$!
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POS Sector’s Black Friday Deals
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What Do You Get?

You Get User-Friendly Point of Sale Software for Restaurants and Bars, Online Installation, Setup of Software and Online Customer's Support.
And you get it for first three months for 3 dollars!
So Easy to set up and Powerful to use.

What Do You Get?

POS Sector's Features
POS Sector is simple to use, but still don't miss any features that you might need.

If you think to change your old POS software or just Starting your Restaurant Business this is a great opportunity for you! Our software already speeds up process of ordering
in more than 4000 restaurants and bars around the globe.

  • Quick start

    Your job is to have more satisfied guests. Our job is to set up point of sale system for you.

  • Accuracy

    Quickly add, edit or remove products, including flavors, sizes, notes and process sales efficiently.

  • Inventory Control

    Control your inventory and prevent theft by your staff. Track your sale of items and make important business decision in time.

  • Business Analysis

    Analyse your sale history per day, week or some specific period of time. Visualize and check where your business stands easily through charts or numbers.

  • Stock Management

    POS Sector allows you to manage your stock , anytime from anywhere. Be sure that you never miss important ingredients.

  • Reports

    Make a reports with few clicks. Use reports about sale per specific period of time, per items, or sales per employee. It will give you clear picture of your traffic and your staff efficiency.

Give some love to your catering business!

Use this special discount to Buy three-month licence of POS Sector Professional
for only $3 instead of regular 597$!
Start your POS Sector's experience today. No credit card required. Contact us and POS Sector's Consultant will get in touch with you in next 6 hours.

You have a question?

Check out answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Yes, you will probably be able to use everything that you own (if purchased in the past seven years). For concrete responses and assessment of existing equipment, please contact us on phone number: +385 1 800 000 4

  • The software is used in other business activities, service and retail. In retail version there is an additional possibility of a fast search of items per name, code or use of bar-code scanner.

  • Yes. Your customers could make an orders from tablet menus. It is possible to use iPad ,  tablets with Android operating system or any mobile device of your choice as a tablet menu. Contact our customers support for more information about iPad / Tablet menus.

  • Each manager of a catering facility has a goal to enable the reception of as many guests as possible in the “Rush time”, realize turnover per table as many times as possible within those few hours, but without affecting the guests themselves, meaning that they should not be rushed in order for someone else to take their place. The only increase of productivity that can be affected in this interval of several hours is the time from the moment of reception of order to the serving of food to guests on a table.

    With a fast and efficient kitchen, it is necessary to reduce the waiters’ time needed to come to the cash register, entering of orders and taking of notes to the kitchen, as well as prevent the situation where waiters collect 4-5 orders and then take them to the kitchen in the same time although the orders were taken in a period of around ten minutes.

    A solution for this problem is that waiters use tablets for mobile sending of orders, while the kitchen and/or the bar have a monitor with received orders through which they inform waiters when their orders are ready. This option increases the speed of changing of tables for up to 20%, which means more guests and higher profit.

    There are two solutions, the first one being the work with printers, which is realized with the installation of a printer in the kitchen and in the bar, meaning where it is necessary; after waiters make an order, the software separates it to the kitchen and the bar and sends it to corresponding printers. This method has numerous advantages over taking of notes and speeds up the business operation, however it is one-way communication, since waiters do not have information when their orders are ready so they have to go to the kitchen to check whether their orders are ready.

    A solution for this problem is operation with a kitchen monitor. A tablet is installed in the kitchen showing the orders made by waiter; in addition there is information when the order was made so you can have information which orders are “late”, etc.. Another advantage of working with kitchen monitor is also that cook has a possibility, after the order is prepared, to inform waiter that the order is ready, which accelerates and optimizes working hours.