Free point of sale software license for the best catering advice

Free point of sale software license for the best catering advice

Share your experience with others, write a text, send it to us and we’ll publish it! Author of each published article gets annual full free point of sale software license for restaurants and bars, and the best article gets perpetual license.

Soon we will publish 200th jubilary text on our site and our goal is to get you involved in our site building with useful articles that you wrote from your own experiences.

Each of your text which will be published on our web site enters the competition for the best, and for each one as a reward POS Sector gave annual free point of sale software full license.

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The best text will be awarded with free point of sale software perpetual license ! Look at your award or try it!

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Topics are not restricted and you can write about everything in a hospitality business. From the first contact with the issued legislation pappers through your experiences in certain situations or working models. The main goal which include your involvement and revelations of your articles is to facilitate and to help others who find themselves in the same or similar situations to overcome the obstacles and move on using your working and even life experience.

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Let the best and the most useful text  win!

Thank you in advance for taking the time for writing and sharing experiences with us.