Be sales consultant and earn commission without obligations

Earn a commission for recommendation and offer the optimal solution to your clients or acquaintances

Be sales consultant and earn commission without obligations

How to become a sales consultant?

Partner recommendation is a great way form of partnership for companies/persons that do not wish to install, maintain and educate clients. It is especially suitable for accountants, bookkeepers, consultants who want to offer the best solution to their clients and earn a commission without any obligations.

For each recommendation, after the completed sale (purchase) of one or more licenses for the software, each of our recommendation partners receives 15% of the sale price published on our website.

*In case a client decides to rent the software, the amount of the fee for recommendation is the entire amount (one-off) of the first month of rent.

For the first step, you should ask us to send you the official terms. In addition to your request, it would be desirable for you to send us more information about the company/yourself, experiences with POS software and plans for future cooperation with POS Sector.

  • Tell us a few words about yourself and how we can cooperate.

POS Sector has the perfect balance between standard POS systems and simple cash register. This allows us to quickly train new employees for work and conduct our business operation in a simple way without additional complicated training as in our old POS systems.

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