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How to Serve Wine & Champagne and Present It

How to Serve Wine & Champagne and Present It

Handling with wine and its serving are a very important issue in the wine culture. Every waiter should know how to serve wine.This means to act according to the certain rules which are the result of tradition and implies any wine selection and presentation of bottle of wine. Procedure includes setting the right temperature of wine, opening the bottle and pouring the wine into the appropriate glasses.

Main steps how to serve wine

How to open a bottle of wine and how to present and pour a wine

You should always bring wine with a proper temperature to the guests. If a bottle of wine is in bucket with ice which is partly covered with a serviette, at first you should disposed bucket on the auxiliary table, then take out the bottle from it with a right hand rotating the bottle around its axis on a serviette, so if there any water from the ice it will stay on serviette.
When you coming to the guest with a bottle of wine, you should come from guests left side, and put the bottle of wine in an inclined position, so that guests could easily read the label and make sure that this is a wine that he wanted and that the bottle has it s originally cork.

  • The label is the “identity card” of the wine. It s writes on it everything what your guest wants to know about wine: wine name, name of manufacturer, year of production and other information.
  • When you have placed the bottle on the auxiliary table, you took the knife and cut the foil under the cuff links at the bottle s throat (about 1 cm from the top of the bottle). So the resulting “cap” has been removed. Next thing you should do is to clean the top of the cork and the bottleneck to remove any dust which is common on bottles that stood in basements for a long time.
  • You should put corkscrew in the middle of the cork and be very careful not to break the cork, otherwise, cork parts could be fall into the wine. Small lever which is located next to the corkscrew should be put on the top of bottle with the left hand, and with right hand you should pull up the corkscrew. This is the easiest and most proper way to open the bottle of wine. Old wine corks are decaying, making it difficult to open.
  • Removed the cap to smell it and check that there is no some strange or unpleasant smell which can be a sign that the wine is rotten.
    • When opening a bottle of wine, it is customary that Sommelier first poured some wine to yourself to make sure that the wine is healthy. If not, it will return the wine and bring another bottle.
  •  If the wine is fine, it is necessary to show the cork of wine to the guest on the small plate.  After e successful degustation, a small amount of wine is pour to the guest who ordered the wine to check it s quality. Only with his consent the wine can be served to other guests, and after that to himself.
  •  When pouring a wine the guest should see the label of wine in every moment.
  • Sommelier came to guest from a right side keeping his left hand behind his back.
  • When pouring the wine from a bottle, it should flow gently and calmly, without “guggle.” To ensure that the glass does not touch the neck of the bottle Sommelier, while serving the wine can inconspicuously wipe bottleneck with serviette.
  • Bottle of wine with the rest of it returns to the ice bucket to prevent warming.
  • Bottle with red wine should be placed in front of guests on the table.
  •  After you take away sommelier accessories you can offer water to guests.

How to serve sparkling wines and champagnes

Sparkling wines need to be served cold. It is mandatory to brought it in a bucket with ice, present it and placed it on the auxiliary table.

Actions that need to be done when the Sommelier serving sparkling wines:

  • Carefully bottle handling
  • Demonstration of bottles of wine to the guests and announcements to the person who ordered it
  • Set the appropriate glasses and equipment on the serving table
  • Remove the cork
  •  Clean the bottle throat
  • Remove the cork without foaming
  • Place the cork with a basket on the plate
  • Serve the wine to guest who ordered it to taste it
  • Serve the wine to other guests at the table
  • Re-serve person who has tasted wine
  •  Leave the bottle and the cap to guest’s sight
  •  Clean the serving table