How to Make a Restaurant Menu?

How to Make a Restaurant Menu?

Some restaurants can afford the luxury that they do not have to change their offer of dishes and drinks. Those places are usually with a menu which is at the same time their most distinctive element and makes them different from the others. And this could be a risk because if they change it they could lose acquired image. These are mainly traditional and family restaurants, pubs with a special offer of traditional food and drinks, and certainly those who do not follow the trends of world gastronomy because there is no need for it.

All the others should keep up with the trend and occasionally change their offer of food and drinks. And we do that practically to change guest’s habits. Guests should have pleasant feeling of being in the restaurant with cuisine which is not stereotypical, and that someone truly cares, by listening to their needs.

When changing offer of meals it is important to keep the basic concept of menu. For example, if the restaurant is famous and known by specially prepared stakes or delicious cream soups, you should certainly keep it on your menu. It is an unwritten rule that the menu should be change by 60% annually .The 40% from the menu should be fixed. Reason is simple; guests could always count on specialties which distinguish this restaurant from all the others.

Menu is usually changing with the change of season, so it is two or four times per year. Positive effects of changes in the menu are definitely guest satisfaction, especially for the returning guests who knows that he can expect some new flavours and surprises at his favourite place for drink or lunch.

The second and no less important effect is cost calculation, because the new offer is based on seasonal ingredients that are up to 70% cheaper in a ripening season.

When designing a new offer of food and drinks it is important to be familiar with culinary trends and calculations per ingredients. Trends are something that will rise up the average restaurant from their competition, with good marketing based on guest’s satisfaction, there is a story to be told, and your satisfied guests will tell it.

However, the chef is a key person who should create this new offer, but even if it is created by someone else, like professional teams (now available to everyone via Internet communication). Chef is the one who need to accomplish their ideas into practice, and, with the help of skilled waiters, present those innovations in the best possible way.

Calculations are the foundation of good business practice, and in order to work properly, it is necessary to constantly follow the price trends of foods, as well as news in the market. The ratio of price and quality is a priority when making calculations, and seasonal foods are certainly the biggest source of earnings, while the quality is the best in season time. Before you decide to make a new menu, it s good to consult a competent person who will make calculations. Even a small price differences could make a significant difference when you get finally the sum of business for a longer period. 

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All restaurateurs, especially those who are just approaching a job and those who have been preparing for the big tourist season, I would advise that you must work on the composition of the menu. Guests remember the pleasant surprises for long time but the bad one even longer.

Guest Author: Irena Bureau
Advisor in gastronomy