How and what to serve as cold appetizers

How and what to serve as cold appetizers

Cold appetizers must be gastronomically correctly selected so they fit into the entire meal. With a little sense and imagination, appetizers can be prepared to satisfy every visual need and every taste.

Menus begin with cold appetizers

Menus usually begin with cold appetizers, so can yours. The goal of cold appetizers is to stimulate digestion and with their look, quality and good taste increase customer’s appetite. They must also be prepared quickly and engage the customer until the main dish arrives.

Cold appetizers are:

  • light and tasteful
  • never spicy
  • attractively arranged
  • harmonious in color and taste
  • well cooled and nicely presented

Cold appetizers can be presented in many ways. Most restaurants exhibit them in a visible place so they attract customers.


There are several ways to present appetizers:

Presentation table – contains most interesting ingredients used in preparation of different meals so that the customer can easily choose and order.

Buffet table – fixed or on wheels, bigger or smaller, it is set near the door or in the most visible spot. In this case customers help themselves or receive assistance from kitchen staff or waiter.

Appetizer cart – contains different appetizers offered to customers at their tables, with an option of sampling.

Types of cold appetizers

Cold appetizers can be prepared with meat, fish, crabs, eggs, vegetables and other ingredients. For more festive dinners, caviar, oysters, smoked salmon, lobster and other fine foods can be served.

  1. Fish and crabs cold appetizers are fish salad, shrimp cocktail, octopus salad, smoked trout.
  2. Meat cold appetizers are different cold cuts, various roasted or half-roasted meats, meat pates, liver pates, meat salads. 
  3. Fruit and vegetable cold appetizers are marinated vegetables, Waldorf salad, vegetables filled with different salads and cold stuffing, vegetables with various cold creams, vegetable and mushroom cocktails, fruit salads, stuffed fruit, fruit cocktails. 
  4. Egg cold appetizers are boiled eggs, egg salad, eggs filled with crab meat or various vegetables, eggs with cold sauces, etc.
  5. Fine food cold appetizers are made with caviar, oysters, lobster, etc.

Size of cold appetizer serving is 120-150 g

Cold appetizers can be served in different ways: Viennese, French I, British I, II and Russian. Appetizers in a la carte restaurants are served in the size of 120-150 g.

They are served on a large plate so the customer gets a sense of richness. The also serving looks more presentable on a larger plate than on a smaller. Large utensils are used with the large plate.

Appetizers in small inns are half as small and are served on a dessert plate with dessert utensils.