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Caterers Wrote: Secrets About Best Pizza Recipe

Caterers Wrote: Secrets About Best Pizza Recipe

Although it seems that is very easy to make good pizza if you have best pizza recipe, please read carefully next text. Every step is very important.

Dear reader, this is part of my experience and knowledge gained through 10 years of working in different kind of restaurants. All of them had pizza on their restaurant menu. To be a good master of pizza you need to have practise in three culinary techniques.
These are:

  1. Making a good dough
  2. Knowning how to stretch the dough (and fill it with ingredients)
  3. Baking your pizza

Pizza is good if you have a quality sauce and dough. All other things are nuances.
Pizza dough is kneading and forming with smooth flour and stretching with the rough flour.

1. How to make a nice dough?

For this action you will need:
• Good recipe,
• Knead a dough
• Form the balls from the dough

The Best Pizza Recipe Is Very Cheap !

There are different kind of recipes for pizza dough. Basically, best pizza recipe is very cheap and consist these ingredients:
• water
• salt
• sugar
• baking yeast
• olive oil
• and flour.

To make a pizza dough you may choose from two different processes.

Cold process (faster)

In a blender put with following order:
• cool water and oil ,
• dissolved baking yeast (in cold water)
• flour,
• salt
• and sugar.
Turn on the mixer.

Warm procedure

Warm procedure is slower and more difficult process if you are working in warm room. You need to warm up baking yeast at first and then you need to wait the pizza dough to cool so you can start to form it.

In a blender, put some boiling water, and after that put with following order:
• sugar,
• liquid supplements (olive oil and half of water)
• and baking yeast.
Leave it for 10-15 minutes to work. Then put some salt, the rest of the water (cold), flour and start mixing.

Knead the dough in mixer

All blenders have a safety switch. And if the protective cover has been lifted form the machine operation will stop automatically. The cover can permanently be removed and still mixer will work if you disconnect the security switch which stops the operation of the machine, when the cap is lifted. There are two advantages of this. You would not have to clean the mixer cover later, and you will be able to help to knead pizza dough much faster.

But you need to be very careful or you mixer could cut your fingers. This will speed up mixing time, and pizza dough will be controlled all the time. This is very important because sometimes dough become too tough after mixing.
If you like the security and have other jobs to do,then leave it and wait until it finish.

Follow the recipe carefully

If you put more water, you have to add more flour, and then the flavor is changing. If you “missed the recipe,” hurry up to add (dry) ingredients before blender “picks up” all the flour.
After has been half of the time passed, look at your dough and check if you need to add some liquid supplements . If you need flour you will notice that if it is too wet at the beginning. Carefully with dry supplements. Each dough is a little soggy in the beginning but later becomes just fine.

When dough start to look like a, “rose”, mixing time is over. That’s when the dough is formed into wavy, shrunken ball. When you touch the dough it should be medium soft with silky surface and have a medium-sized hole.
Get it out in a bowl, cover it with plastic foil that does not dry and place it in a cool place for 15 minutes.

Forming pizza dough balls

After 15 minutes you should start with pizza dough forming. If you wait much more time the dough could starts to crumbling. Each pizza dough ball weighs from 200 to 350 grams. Depends on size of pizza,restaurant savings and quality.
When you form balls cover it with foil and put it in refrigerate. If dough is soft and nicely shaped then you will get much better pizzas. Check this video to learn how to form perfect pizza dough balls easily.

2. Pizza dough stretching

Prior to forming the dough you need to decide whether you will insert it into the oven on a shovel or in the pan. In a first case, you must be quick because the sauce can rapidly penetrates through the dough and can be stick to the substrate. When you are making it in a pizza pan, then you do not need to hurry.

You could stretch it on the table or in the air let the gravity do the job. At first do it on the table, later when you become „friend“ with dough practice technique in the air.
Anyway you should stretch it very quickly . Remember that Pizza is fast food. You must work fast because otherwise you should throw your ingredients. High edge of pizza you will achieve with diligent and long-term learning, using coordination of eyes and fingers.
Start with a pan and roller.

3. Bake your pizza

When you’ve filled it nicely, it should be put into oven. Hmm. But what kind of oven is the best choice for your restaurant?

Each one has an advantage and disadvantage. Fuels for catering facility are twice more expensive than those in households. Cheapest ovens are from Turkey, and they are good quality. Most popular are from Italy. They are made with and without fireclay. Fireclay keeps heat and lower energy consumption but this kind of ovens are much heavier and inconvenient for transport.

Electrical (single) oven
The cheapest one to purchase. Good characteristics, constant temperature and consumption, it is worthwhile if you sell a minimum of 40 pizzas per shift. Best for the summer season in restaurants at the cost or in the city center. Double oven is different story. Then you can alternately use the ovens. While one is warming, in the second pizza is baking.
The temperature may be from 300 to 350 degrees.

Gas furnace (oven)
It s twice more expensive than electrical oven, gas is (slightly) cheaper than electricity. Characteristics are the same as electric oven.

Bread baker ( oven)
It could be, movable or immovable, using wood and gas.
Also there are some combination of this kind of oven regarding what kind of fuel is using:
• electricity,
• electricity-wood
• electricity and gas.

Stone oven

This oven is built from stone or brick, without moving surfaces, fixed in one place. Using wood as a fuel (cheapest ), but the stove is more expensive than regular gas oven.
The temperature must be 400 degrees. The stove is high and lose more heat as it has big hole in the door. You also have one extra job – throwing of logs in it.

Secrets from pizza master

  • If the temperature is below 400 degrees, the dough will be dry and hard to eat- you will be loosing your customers.
  • Baking time should be 2-3 minutes.
  • If the dough has been burned at bottom, put some coarse sea salt on the fireclay. They’ll make a small gap between the hot bricks and dough.

Buon appetito !