World Cup and Restaurant Promotion Ideas that will Change Your Business

World Cup and Restaurant Promotion Ideas that will Change Your Business

With this great world cup restaurant promotion ideas your bar or restaurant will become multimedial place where every football fan will gladly eat, drink and have fun!

Only two weeks left until the beginning of FIFA World Cup 2014! It would be from 12th June till 13th of July in Brazil. Are you ready for football season! Are you ready for action!
Oh yeah, I’m woman, and I’m infected with virus called “football” too, and in a same time so excited because it is more than just soccer, it is something that whole world is crazy about!
Use this opportunity and energy for your business, bring something new to your restaurant or bar promotion. Make a special offers, special events, decorate your place and bring to your guests happy faces, enthusiasm and appetite!
With great World Cup restaurant promotion ideas your place may become multimedial place for fun! Read more to find out how!

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World Cup as a Opportunity for Your Business

This sports event is opportunity for any entrepreneur that must be used to create awareness of the masses about the existence of restaurant or bar. Advertising during this great sporting hap should be one of the main items in your marketing plan. You miss the idea how to organize great party in your bar? Your catering facility does not have to be one of the best sports bars and restaurant to organize the party that your guests will remember as a fantastic and unforgettable fun. Here’s how.
I m sure that you expecting much more traffic at your bar during World Cup 2014. Your guests will watch the games, but how to put the atmosphere and excitement on a higher level? Can you offer something more than beer and snacks in unlimited amounts? Of course you can! And you must do that!
Plan on time. Write every detail . From special offer to decoration of your place. Compose a list of what needs to be done, underline the priorities and go to action. Planning ahead and the available budget for sporting events will surely result with lot of guests and great fun for everyone.

World Cup and Restaurant Promotion Ideas

You should prepare your offer and special events at least a month in advance.
In this way you will ensure that every table, chair or even a standing place in your bar will be booked in advance. Promote a special offer through all available modes of advertising : flyers, invitations, posters, radio and TV commercials, social networks, and certainly on your website if you have one.
Lot of people will not watch football games at home so be sure that you have fresh ideas in your offer that will guarantee one of the best parties and will attract them to your place.

  • Put your commercial in front of bar’s door so that your offer is visible to passers. Advertising should be creative, provocative and noticeable to passers. Perhaps some of them become your permanent guest.
  • Organize “table football turnir”. This will bring the atmosphere on higher level during the time when your guest do not watch football games. This is great idea, especially for bars. You will need at least two football table and one board. Prepare nice gifts for winners!

world cup restaurant promotion ideas football table

  • Bring cheerleaders in your bar or restaurant, and clearly specify that in your offer. Beautiful cheerleader at your advertising flyer will not leave fans indifferent. If it is a large catering facility such as a nightclub or big bar, host hot dancers who will be dressed in dress of your country team. Beautiful girls will certainly contribute to a good atmosphere.
  • Put some mini grill at parking in front of your catering facility whether it is a restaurant or a bar. June is a month for soccer so sausages and burgers will surely fit with it and attract new guests. For every purchase of a burger or hot dog give a gift card for a free drink during the football games. In a same time you can also share flyers about your special offer during World Cup 2014.
  • Special discounts during the World Cup month will encourage your potential guests to make a reservation earlier. 20 % discount will be more than sufficient to attract your guests.
  • Try guerrilla marketing. Dress up one of your bartenders in a dress of your country team to walk around busiest parts of the city and you will definitely attract the attention of passers. Many of them will want to take photo with he / she. Take a camera and small photo printer. Print restaurants food and drink offer on the reverse side of the photo paper. Maybe your offer will end up in one of the photo albums, but it will certainly bring new guests too. Send some of your staff to local supermarket, blow up big soccer ball and let she share flayers with your restaurant world cup special offer to supermarket customers! Of course you should previously make some deal with the owner of supermarket.
  • Promote catering services during world cup month ih you do not have facilities or enough place for organizing such an event. This could bring you extra profit.

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Online Restaurant Promotions for World Cup 2014.

Let your regular and potential new guests have the possibility to book their favorite table in your restaurant via the Internet. By online booking your guests will save time. Offer special discounts for online bookings and provide best offer in your local community.
How to plan online bookings for world cup in your restaurant?
Sign up for a specialized internet portals such as Groupon ‘s, Open Table and Yelp where visitors can make online reservations with their mobile devices and get a discounts on a particular offers. These portals are a great way for online promotion.
Use the database of your guests and start an email marketing campaign to promote special offers during sports season.
If you got mobile app for your restaurant or bar definitely you need to use it to advertise your World Cup restaurant offer and give special discounts for your regular guests who own it.

world cup restaurant promotion ideas

Enable online booking on your web site and reward special discount for first 40 reservation.
20 % off will be quite sufficient to attract new visitors. Do some email restaurant promotions if you have customer database.
Don’t forget the benefits of video marketing. Record a short video and share it on YouTube and show your offer during a World Cup 2014. You could also make video montage that shows the atmosphere in your bar or restaurant. It would be good to use the footage of last year’s super bowl party or World Cup 2010 if you have one. In this way you will present to your fans on social media networks what they can expect in your bar or restaurant during popular sports events.
Usage of social media opens  the door for new World Cup restaurant promotion ideas. You should be involved in all discussions about the World Cup Brazil 2014 in all social media networks during May, June and July. For this purpose use your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and all other existing social media accounts.
Write on your status on Facebook interesting questions, soccer news or make a bets, polls, or voting about World Cup players and games. Engage your fans to predict the results of specific teams and individual players. You can organize and run an online quiz, make questions about World Cup history and provide the prize – dinner or a drink at your place for first one who gives correct answer.

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Lift up the Atmosphere During Half-Time

  • Football quiz. It is effective way that brings good mood in your bar. Write a list of questions about the history of football on the board. Ten questions will be quite enough.Those who gave correct answer first gets a dinner or a drink as a reward.
  • There are a variety of games and one of the simplest and favorite among fans is betting. Offer a free drink or a free dinner for those who guess the correct match result.
  • Talk to your guest and offer to them some extra drinks, fruits or snacks. They will appreciate it and feel even more comfortable in your restaurant or bar, and this is the best reason to come and visit your place again.

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Restaurant Equipment and Decorations for World Cup 2014

The most important thing when it comes to equipping the bar or restaurant during the sports season is to provide the best possible multimedia event. This includes a large television screens or even better a big canvas and projectors for perfect view of matches. Also, you need to provide good sound system in your facility that will provide a realistic experience for your customers while watching important matches and of course to attract new guests too.

Decoration of the catering facility is an unavoidable thing during sporting events. Choose your supplier on time. Don’t forget flags, and jerseys of players shall be new working clothes for your staff during this month.
Whether it is a cafe, bar or restaurant during the sports season decorate your object with a lot of flags, balloons, ribbons and balls. Let everything symbolizing football games! Customize labels and decorations with your country team colors.  If you have some modern object with this wallpapers your place will get new incredible look!

world cup restaurant promotion ideas wallpaper

Set up a scoreboard for monitoring the results in a visible place, it can be a digital board for the results, and if not, some small school board will serve quite well. Choose one of your staff to be responsible for writing the changes of results.

Tip for creative : An interesting table decorations that is very affordable can be done in the following way. Set green paper table cloths on tables and using the white color or scotch tape to draw fields as they are at football stadium. Easy and convenient, as paper tablecloths will facilitate cleaning because during the ” tense situation ” drinks spilled very often.

world cup restaurant promotion ideas table decorations world cup restaurant promotion ideas creative decorations

World Cup Menu Specials

As the World Cup 2014 is organized in Brazil, learn more about Brazilian food and  try some easy to prepare meals and add it on your menu!
Buy more beer and hot sausages that you even can imagine that you will need. Of course, you will prepare a special offer for this event at special prices. Be sure to offer discounts like “after two beers third is free” , or “with a burger and a beer you get a free fries”.
You can also offer to your guests a combo menu – combination of food, drinks and desserts at special prices. Give them characteristic names like – FIFA Burger, World Cup Veggie or Brazilian Sexy Girl. Chicken wings on the menu are must have.
When creating menus beware that your offer must be attractive to visitors but also beneficial for your pocket. 30 % off certainly sounds appealing and will attract guests, but how that will affect on your planned profit? Think, Write, Calculate and then Create Special Offer. Promote your special offer through all available marketing methods.
Fine dining restaurant may create World Cup Daily Menu that include traditional dishes from countries that play game that day. In this way people got one more reason to visit your restaurant and try something new to get new experiences! Maybe you should consider to include some of those best selling dishes in your regular menu too!

Bars may include the consumption of the “worl cup buffet “. Decoration of buffet can look like a football stadium if you use little imagination. Look those pictures that could bring you ideas for food presentation. Cake could look like stadium with the appropriate molds and all the cookies could look like a balls.

world cup restaurant promotion ideas cocktails

Beer is not the only drink that your guests can enjoy during the game. Include in your offer cocktails and shooters at affordable prices.
For dessert, serve a variety of combinations of cookies. Some chocolate cookies in the shape of a soccer ball certainly must be part of the food offer during this special month.

Spirit of World Cup 2014 in Night Clubs

You may use sports season for promotional purposes for nightclubs and discotheques too. On the day of matches many people will spend in front of television screens, but the day after, for those who still have an energy for partying will be ideal for a party in a nightclubs or discotheques. Invite famous musicians or DJs, decorate the space, host the dancers and promote a World Cup night parties! Good entertainment will be guaranteed.

world cup restaurant promotion ideas Brazilian dancers

Invite Brazilian dancers and make a Brasilian night at your place. Spicy girls and brasilian rythim would make atmosphere at hiInvite Brazilian dancers and make a Brazilian night at your place. Spicy girls and great music will guarantee fantastic party!

Use your imagination and creativity, plan on time and you won’t regret it.
Enjoy in World Cup 2014 together with your guests !
Let the best team win !