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8 Spring Restaurant Promotion Ideas You Can Implement Today

8 Spring Restaurant Promotion Ideas You Can Implement Today

 The new season always brings you a wealth of new marketing opportunities for those in the restaurant or bar industry. We bring you some great spring restaurant promotion ideas that you can implement easily, starting from today.

Anyone in the food and drink industry neglecting to align themselves with the current time of year is potentially losing significant business. Whether it’s by exploiting the change in weather, the approaching holidays, or a highly publicized annual event, seasonal marketing should always be top-of-mind for any restaurant or bar owner wanting to keep up with the competition.

Now that spring is upon us, here are eight ways to integrate your restaurant or bar’s marketing efforts with the current time of year.


Seasonal Beers

As the Earth makes its way around the Sun, a lot about our daily lives change. Our hobbies change depending on the weather. Our wardrobes collectively change. Many of us also change what kinds of alcoholic beverages we enjoy. With spring’s arrival, breweries say goodbye to dark and spicy winter seasonals and turn the page to a whole new chapter of spring beers. Current beer trends indicate that your stock should decrease its abundance of imperial stouts in exchange for more session beers and IPAs.

St. Patty’s Day Restaurant Promotion 

The 17th of March is a potential pot of gold for any restaurant or bar willing to join in on the festivities. According to the National Retail Federation, 37 million Americans were projected to celebrate their St. Patrick’s Day at a bar or restaurant. The NRF also reported that, of the 127 million Americans celebrating the holiday in some way, the average person was expected to  $36.52. Even if it takes some serious drink deals, a corned beef and hash special, and some green decor to get a solid portion of that money spent at your establishment, the effort is worth because there’s a good chance that you and your staff will be blessed by St. Patrick.

March Madness

Keeping up with the current sporting events is absolutely necessary for bars, and quite important for many in the restaurant business. The NCAA tournament for men’s basketball is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events every year; the games are exciting, and people go bonkers over filling out brackets. Have a tournament challenge of your own, and give the owners of the best brackets a cash prize or host a party for them and their friends at your bar. The tournament lasts 3 weekends, so the customers who are participating in the friendly competition have every excuse to watch a lot of games and spend a lot of money with you.

April Fools Day

O yes, you may use it for restaurant promotions. A well placed and intelligent April Fools joke can increase a brand’s likeability. Thus, companies in recent years have had just as much fun with the day as your friendly neighborhood prankster. But it’s about more than a good laugh for these companies – there’s strategy behind those jokes. The trick is to keep the joke light. Avoid anything controversial, make sure it’s fairly obvious that it’s a joke, and finish it off by putting a soft promotional spin on it.

Maybe your bar can promote on Facebook a new selection of non-liquid alcoholic drinks: alcoholic vapor, cotton candy, and lotion à la this scene from Parks and Recreation. Proceed to admit that it’s a joke, but that regular alcoholic beverages will be 15% off to appease anyone disappointed that alcoholic vapor isn’t really an option.


Open The Patio

Now, if you’ve got a patio at your establishment, you’re going to open it as soon as you possibly can. On that first 50º day, you’re out there scrubbing the tables down so that customers can come to your patio to celebrate leaving their winter hibernation. Why not turn it into an event? In the early spring months, regularly check your 10-day forecast so that you can pinpoint that special patio-opening-day and promote it in the days leading up. Offer a special on buckets of beer to get people accustomed to spending their outdoor drinking with you and not with a competitor.

The Masters

The April golf tournament is seen as the start of the golf season, for professionals and amateurs. While those of your customers that are avid golfers are getting excited to hit the links once more, feed that excitement with an organized golf outing. If done right, a golf outing can be a great charity fundraising event that, once it’s over, directly feeds business back to your restaurant or bar. Everyone has had their fun on the course playing golf and raising money for charity, and now it’s time to unwind with the outing’s host.


Restaurant Promotions For  Easter

No, not even religious holidays are sacred when it comes to the marketing world. Once Easter rolls around, your restaurant or bar has to join in on the festivities or miss out on an opportunity. Even doing things as seemingly corny as having the servers wear bunny ears, programming your LED bar shelves to display pastel colors or hiding eggs with prizes in them around the place can work to maintain your establishment’s reputation as a fun, seasonal spot.


Mother’s Day Restaurant Promotions Ideas

Here is perhaps the most important spring holiday for any marketer. Mothers LOVE to be recognized by their own offspring on their special day, but when they’re offered 50% off their meal at their favorite restaurant? You better believe she’s going to ask the kids to take her there. It’ll be sure to bring business in on a day that many tend to spend at home, and you’ll also be publicly recognizing the most important people on the planet: our beautiful, brilliant, generous, loving mothers!

A restaurant or bar that is run intelligently will consistently take advantage of these opportunities, and will also maintain that no holiday is sacred when it comes to marketing. Every holiday inherently offers free promotion.

There are many ways to promote a business in the restaurant and bar industry, but maybe none as simplistic as marketing alongside the current season. The passing of every year brings the same renewed marketing opportunities without fail, and to let these opportunities slip away would be a shame. Happy Spring!