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Restaurant Virtual Tour – Great Tool From Google

Restaurant Virtual Tour – Great Tool From Google

If you improve your online marketing with Google Business Photos and create restaurant virtual tour you will gain confidence of new guests.

Simple tool for online marketing – Google Virtual Tour will allow to people to experience restaurant atmosphere  and attract new guests.

Read on if you are willing to invest in your marketing and you are curious to see how online marketing can transform your restaurant business.
Google I love you! They know exactly what we need and what are our guests needs.
Google offers service that we can use for online restaurants promotion at very reasonable prices. Make closer the atmosphere in restaurant for your guests and give them real experience with the help of Google Map Business Photos.
Once you try all the possibilities that this tool offers, you’ll surely use it for improvement of your Online Restaurant Marketing. But do you really need it?

Why Choose Google Maps Business Photos ?

If you did not know, today is in 80 % of cases, the choice of the restaurant is made ​​using information obtained from the Internet. 48 % of them prefer to review restaurants through virtual 360 degrees panoramic view, 35 % of them preferred photos and 17% videos.
85 % of them stated that they like to see a virtual walk through the restaurant, if it is available. (source)

People want to have more choices and restaurant virtual tours offer a wealth of information in relation to other media such as photos and video footage. For many visitors atmosphere in the restaurant is much more important than the offer from menu. This is mostly applies  to the younger population that cares more about restaurant design and atmosphere than the restaurant offers and the choice of dishes. Take advantage of this fact in the best possible way.

View Larger Map

Bussines Photos is another successfully completed project within the Google Map that use technology of ” Inside street viewer ” that you can use to virtually walk through the streets all over the world. UrbanSpoon, Zagat and RestaurantRow participated alongside Google in the project development.
Virtual tour is an ideal way for promotion of different types of restaurants, hotels, shops, lounges, offices and much more! Bring life to your business with virtual tours through your restaurant in the projection of 360 degrees, and make the atmosphere closer to your potential guests.

How Google Maps Business Photos – Virtual Tour Works?

People ” eat with the eyes.” Take advantage of this human weakness and promote your restaurant in the best light. Make a request for  virtual tours today easily from your home. If you want to show your work to potential clients and show to them the offer virtually, simply go to Google Map Business Photos and click on the Get Started button. After that select your restaurant location.
After selecting the region where you are located Google will offer you a list of certified photographers that are trust by Google. You will see the list of professional photographers trained for this job with their contact information and links to their showcase. Choose one of photographers whose work you like, contact him/her by -mail or phone and book a date for shooting in your restaurant.

restaurant virtual tour professional photographer

Photographers from the list are educated to use the camera for 360 degree panoramic imaging with the use of different lenses including ” fish eye ” and they will record every corner of your desired restaurant in the best possible way.

Reliable photographers are now available in the following countries : Canada, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark , Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and New Zeland. Even if there is no currently active photographers in your area, you can always upload your own photos via Google+ Local.
After the shooting within a few days your virtual restaurant will be available on the Google Map, Google + Local and the search results on Google. And that’s it ! Simple and easy !

How Google Business Photos Can Improve the Performance of Your Restaurant

Impact on Your Website Traffic. You own a restaurant website, but when you type the restaurant and the place where it is located on Google your web site is not shown even at the first two pages of Google search results. Have you worked on your restaurant website optimization ? Google Business Photos Map do it for you !
If you become a user of this service and create a Google restaurant virtual tours that will have a big impact on your place on the list of Google search results. When your potential clients or guests looking for your restaurant by name on Google, they will see pictures of the restaurant displayed on the search results page. These panoramic images will be posted on the Local Google+ pages, Google Maps and other Google ‘s services and provide better insight into what awaits them in your restaurant, the design, staff and the atmosphere you offer.
Simply using HTML snippets or Maps API, you can also set these panoramic images on your own website, and thus attract the attention of potential customers who visit your website.

restaurant virtual tour website optimization

Visual content in the search results on Google and Google Maps are very important. Automatically the attention of the person who is looking for restaurant for lunch or dinner has been attracted, which allows a greater number of hits to your restaurant’s website. This will result with higher attendance and better ranking on search engines. And more website visitors means more business.
Another thing that is very important when optimizing websites for better ratings at search engines is the time that visitors stay on your website. Virtual tours through your restaurant will definitely extend this time which is sure way to climb to the top of Google ‘s list of search results. Another reason for the application to Google Photos – Virtual Tour isn’t it?

Restaurant Promotion With Google Photos – Virtual Tour

A virtual tours attracts potential guests to see why your restaurant is special and compel them to persuade them to visit it in reality. This method of restaurant promotion is ideal if you have an interesting interior, unusual restaurant design, nice view from the  terrace or restaurant built in a number of different floors. If your restaurant fits in one of these profiles, virtual tour through your restaurant will be only possible way to show to your potential guest how your restaurant looks like and what it actually offers.

View Larger Map

San Diego Pier Cafe is just one of the restaurants with successful story that has attracted new visitors with Google Photos – Virtual Tour.
The owner of the restaurant says that many visitors who have become regular guests, chose his restaurant after viewing a 360 degrees panoramic tour on Google Maps Business Photos.
It is very likely that many tourists will choose your restaurant for lunch or a dinner after viewing your restaurant in this way. You do not need a fancy restaurant to give to your potential customers virtual tours experience, Johnny ‘s PoBoy from New Orleans has over 1000 virtual visits per month. It’s a pretty big number is not it ?

Virtual Tours Will Improve Interaction With Your Fans

Take advantage of the offered opportunities by Google Business Photos, create virtual experience  and share atmosphere with your fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social networks. How to do it ?
Simply select your virtual tour size, copy the html code and paste it on your status on Facebook, Google Plus etc,. Comments and reactions of your followers will not fail.
You can also record a video that shows a walk through your restaurant as specified below and set your footage on YouTube.

Do not forget that video marketing is one of the most popular ways of advertising today and this may be one good idea how you can get new fans and guest using videos for restaurant promotion. Share your video through social media channels.This is another good example how you can improve communications with your potential guests through the internet.

Open The Door of Restaurant And Get Guest‘s Confidence

Regarding the fact that you fully and truly opened the door of your restaurant and allow to your potential guests to peer into every corner of your restaurant, including the kitchen and the pantry, in this way you get the confidence of visitors and your potential guests. And this feeling of confidence and a feeling of freedom and comfort causes that the number of guests in your restaurant increase. And of course, as you know, every new customer is your potential regular guest.

Google Maps in partnership with Zagat includes a list of restaurants with customer reviews and ratings. This allows to visitors to narrow down their choices of interesting restaurants during their research. If you get positive comments about your restaurant from your guests it will certainly have an impact on your restaurant business.

restaurant virtual tour business photo

Virtual Tour Through Your Restaurant-Opportunity or Necessity ?

So if you offer the possibility of 360 virtual tours virtual through the restaurant to your potential guests and the other restaurants in the region do not offer it, then you are certainly at an advantage and can expect more visitors and traffic. It gave you the opportunity to gain visitors that you never dreamed that they could become customers of your restaurant. This applies particularly to tourists which usually choose restaurant for lunch or dinner on internet.
On the other hand, when almost all the restaurants will have virtual view of their places, then you will not want to be among those who do not have this service,right?
The message is clear.
As sooner you give to your guests panoramic 360 degrees view, you will have more benefits from it

Additional Features of Virtual Tour for Restaurants

Important elements that are used to enhance a virtual tour are:

  • Using Google Business Photos for restaurant virtual tours Google set hot info points on google map that provides more information about your location and services that you offer for all users of Google Map.
  • There is also possibility of storytelling or adding ambient sound or music that accompanies a virtual tour through the restaurant.
  • You will get professional photos of restaurant
  • You have chance to add videos in your interactive virtual tours.
  • Floor plan navigation clearly shows to visitor the different camera points and also allows jumping across the entire location.
  • There are compatible versions for the iPad, iPhone Android and other mobile devices.

restaurant virtual tour ipadrestaurant virtual tour iPhone

Affordable for Everyone !

Compared to other methods of advertising, like radio advertising, pay per click, TV commercials, newspapers or online programs, the cost of a virtual tour through your restaurant is really affordable. You will pay only once for photo-shooting of your restaurants and posting on the Google Map. This fact is beloved by many restaurant owners.
Once the installation is complete and panoramic images were added to Google Photos Virtual Tour,all photos taken during the shooting become your permanent ownership. If you make a calculation of price and benefits that you get, we may say that this kind of advertising has a very reasonable price. We can conclude that this is one of the cost-effective ways of restaurant promotion.

Track Your Restaurant Virtual Tour Views

In addition to creating your restaurant virtual, you can of course keep track of the number of hits on your interactive images and found out what images are most popular using Google Analitics. If this number exceeds 100 per month, imagine what impact it will have on your annual income. How much will you earn, and for this service you will pay around $ 500 ? Considering the price and the opportunities it provides, this service has almost no competition at the market for online marketing in the hospitality industry.If I ‘m still not convinced you to try all the opportunities that Google Photos Virtual Tour may give you, take look at the following examples of how such a tour through the restaurant looks like, and see what kind feeling it gives to you. And after you sow it answer on my question: “Would you, if you find yourself in the vicinity, had lunch at that restaurant or in some other once close to it that does not have this kind of online presentation of the restaurant”.

If you ‘re a user of Google Business Photos please share your experience and influence of this service on your restaurant business with us.
Good luck!