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Secrets of Restaurant Video Marketing

Secrets of  Restaurant Video Marketing

In this blog I will give you some restaurant marketing ideas and help you to reach audience and attract new guests.

Internet goes mobile , 25 % of all YouTube views is made on mobile devices. Cell phones and tablets are fine for text reading, but reading a long blogs on the smartphone can be irritating. As opposite, video is ideal media for sharing of interesting contents and becoming important part of online restaurant marketing.

The advantage of video is in its personality and uniqueness. Unlike text, where you need to write a few blogs to feel the personality of the writer , the video transfer personality immediately.

YouTube is becoming increasingly popular. Each month, more than 4 billion video clips has been viewed on various topics. It is second most popular search engine in the world, right after Google, and considering that recently YouTube has been owned by Google, you should be aware of the importance of creating YouTube channel for restaurant video marketing. .

Why You Should Choose Restaurant Video Marketing?

We all have extremely fast life. People have less time to read long articles on the internet. That’s the reason why video is becoming the most affordable medium for your customers. Video marketing is the latest trend.

One minute of video is worth more than 1.8 million words , and this trend is spreading more and more around the globe every day.You are still not convinced? Read these facts about video marketing:

  • Chance to find your web site on the first page of the list of Google ‘s search results increased by 53 times if using video as a medium .
  • The average visitor will remain on the website 2 minutes longer if the site contains a video.
  • It is predicted that in a year 2017 video content will take 90 % of all Internet content .
  • 87% online marketing campaigns use videos.
  • 65% people will visit the author’s website after view video.
  • Each month over 1 billion users visit YouTube .
  • 87 % users of social media , Twitter , Facebook and YouTube watch branded videos on YouTube channels.
  • Blog post which include videos gets 3 times more clicks .
  • The use of video increases interaction with potential customers by 48%.

Video marketing is the future of advertising. Successful stories from users of video advertising testify that video marketing can increase traffic up to 30 % .
If your restaurant still does not have promotional video,do not waste your time and start recording your video ad.

restaurant video marketing

Create your YouTube Account

You can create YouTube account easily. Go to the internet page and click on „Sign in“ button in the top right corner. Sign in with your Google account by clicking “Sign in “ or create new one by clicking „“Create an Account”.

For example choose restaurant name for user name. Enter the required information, check the box “Terms of Service” and click “Next Step.” Google will then perform the verification of your data. Return to the YouTube home page and sign in by clicking on the “Sign in” button.

Congratulations. You  become a new member of satisfied users of YouTube’s community.

Create your YouTube Channel

For username it s good to choose the name of your restaurant , because it will also become a part of your URL, which is important when we talk about recognition and further sharing of your video content. For example, if your username is “Myrestaurant” then  URL to your YouTube channel will be

Select the profile picture that best shows who you are and what you do. It is best to choose a logo of your restaurant . This image will be a sign of recognition to interact with other YouTube users.

Just like on other social networks, you should use nice cover photo which describes your hospitality business. For example it could be image of your restaurant interior or restaurant atmosphere or maybe picture of some specialties from your restaurant menu.

Fill out the ” About ” column, insert important information related to your restaurant . Here you can write about the history of the restaurant , tell your business story, write about what makes your restaurant special and what kind of services it provides.

Be sure to enter the URL of your website to link your YouTube channel with the restaurant’s web site.

Capture Marketing Video for Your Restaurant

To record today HD video you do not have to own expensive equipment . Good enough will be photo camera or Smartphone . Even kids could record short movies.
But what kind of video you should capture to attract the attention of your guests?

You as a restaurant manager or owner of the restaurant have a great advantage because you have a lot of possible scenarios for your movie . YouTube offers you the ability to segment your movies by content types:advertising video , culinary video , exclusive events at the restaurant, entertainment and more. I would like to share with you some of the ideas that you can use.

Exclusive events. Transfer the atmosphere of your restaurant during a special event such as wine tasting. Invite influential people from your community, create a short interview with the guests.

Guests testimony. Ask your regular guests to stand in front of a camera and say a few words about your restaurant, customers service, menu, staff and atmosphere. Offer them a free dessert as a sign of gratitude . I m sure that would be certainly a good video.

Advertising. Get some already well-known brands that your chef use in the kitchen or well known beverage producers. For example, famous producers of healthy foods which you use to prepare delicious dishes. Promote domestic food. In this way you will get the attention of a wider audience and sympathy from your community.

Culinary tips. Record a short video in which your chef reveals some of the secrets of the art of cooking. Record tip for preparation of your best-selling dishes from the restaurant menu . Make it fun and interesting.

Meet the public with your staff. Make the interview with the most interesting and the most beautiful among your staff. Maybe they could share something from their private life. People like to stick their nose in other people’s  privacy.

Video menu. Capture dishes from your restaurant menu, make it like that your each dish has its own story. While describing the dish use water mouth attributes. It would be the best if your guest talks about taste of their favorite dish in your restaurant. And if they are known to the public you are certainly reach the goal of good restaurant video marketing advertise.

Video greetings. Take advantage of the holidays to make your greeting videos and use these events as opportunity to thank to your regular guests for their loyalty. Send the video via e-mail to your loyal customers and share it via social media.

You could also use holidays to capture the video where some of your staff giving tips for different kind of holidays decorations for dining table or the place.

How to make successful video?

It seems like recording  the video and setting  it on YouTube is very simple, but the goal will be achieved when you make an effective and relevant video that will meet the basic criteria for success.

The content of the video should be observed separately from other content used in blogs or infographics. Most common mistakes are actually done here , when content from blog has been transferred in the video.

Video should be used for meeting clients with the content of your offer through different types of dialogue and events.

Here is fantastic example of successful video. You don’t even have to know French to be attracted with this restaurant marketing video. It is simple, it has the story, it is beautiful and you almost can feel the smell of that delicius food. That is exactly what we want to achieve with restaurant video. Take a look.

They show their restaurant design, restaurant offer,shared receipt, atmosphere in restaurant and the spirit of their chefs. Opposite to this, big mistake would be to show the meal and talk about it on descriptive way.

People are looking for an experience to be able to identify themselves with it. This kind of approach is consider as interesting and engaging content.

Characteristics of Successful Marketing Videos

Make a Story. The video should flow naturally. It must have theme. The theme is the central idea or belief in a short story. It also must have character, person or persons which are involved in action.
It must have setting of a short story . Setting is the time and place in which it happens, landscape, scenery, buildings, seasons or weather to provide a strong sense of setting. It must have end and it should provide call to action.

Call to action for video is not similar to the one in blog post where we could put lot of small “call to action”by incomplete statements or questions on a particular topic. A call to action in your video must be one, simple and direct.

Ideal Length for a YouTube Marketing Video

Ideal length or duration of the video is 4 minutes according to top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube. After 4 minutes viewers lose interest and concentration. If you exceed this time limit, let your video do not last longer than 10 minutes.

SEO for YouTube Videos

OK , you have a great video and want to share it with the desired audience on YouTube, but how you can reach your potential audience and future guests ?

Video upload. Simply upload video by clicking on ” Upload” button . You can write your video title immediately typing it in the box “Title ” and write description in ” Description” tab, or you can do it later by clicking on the “Video Manager ” – ” Uploads ” – ” Edit”.

Title and video description. Once you have uploaded the video you need to give it a title. Video title should contain keywords that describe your business , such as ” Restaurant staff .” Make sure that the title does not contain more than 66 characters because such a titles Google automatically cut and such ” invalids titles” loose meaning and rarely appear on list of Google search results.

When we talk about the video’s description , it can be somewhat longer. Two or three sentences will be just fine. Include keyword or combination of keywords in the description and the URL of your website. Note that only the first few lines of  description are visible to viewers by default – until they don’t click ” More” .

Tags. To optimize video for search engines , you should write at least 5-7 relevant keywords as tags for your video in the provided space – ” Tags “. Tags will connect your video with other similarly tagged videos , which will allow it to be offered to the viewer on a list of related videos. Writing tags you will create a possibility for further watching of your videos by the viewers who were initially looked at some other videos .

Tip : If you have hosted such a famous music band or singer include the name of the band or singer in the title, description and tags for the video. This will surely bring a large number of views for your restaurant marketing video.

Comments and ratings. Lots of ratings and comments are a sign of good and interesting video. If the video got lot of ” thumbs up ” ratings and comments it would go up on Google ‘s search listing. The best way to earn such a reaction from the audience is to create an engaging and entertaining video content .

Social media. Share videos via blogs and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Encourage your fans and friends to comment and share your videos.

Select the Thumbnail for Your Video

Once your video is loaded, you can select the image that viewers will see in the YouTube search results, on your YouTube channel, website or anywhere else your video appears. YouTube selects automatically three images from different points in the video, and you need to choose the one that you believe that will attract the attention of viewers and bring lot of clicks.

The best choices are images that attract attention and have clear and dominant theme, such as the ideal face of the person or close up view of some specialties that you offer in your restaurant.

restaurant video marketing

Setting up YouTube Videos on Your Website

You can easily insret video on your website. All you need to do is go to YouTube, find your video and click on the ” Share Video ” and then ” Embed ” . YouTube will give you a code that you copy and then paste it where you want on your website.

YouTube also offers you the ability to adjust the size of your video. You can adjust the size by entering the desired dimensions in the space – “Video size” , or by selecting one of the available sizes – “Custom size .”

restaurant video marketing

Inbound links ( links from other websites to your website or videos ) are important for ranking your site on Google. Also it is important for ranking your video on the YouTube search engine with regard to embedded video on your website YouTube registered it as an inbound link . In this way we are working on search engine optimization of your website and your video.

You can use YouTube Analytics to monitor the performance of your channel and videos with up-to-date metrics and reports. There’s a ton of data available in different reports (e.g. Views, Traffic sources, Demographics). To access YouTube Analytics, log into your account, click on your username in the tab in the upper right corner , click the ” Video Manager ” and then select “Google Analytics. ” You are now able to look at the locations where your videos has been shared by clicking on the “Playback Locations “.

Title, description , tags and thumbnail have purpose to make your restaurant video noticeable to potential guests and to increase number of views which will bring undoubted success to your business.

Measurement of results

Measuring results for online marketing including video marketing for restaurant via YouTube channels is possible in several ways. The number of clicks on your video or number of views and shares of your videos are an essential indicators, but it is not decisive for the success of your video campaign.

The same, if not more important is communication with potential guests of your restaurant, and the number and content of comments and likes, which are very important data for measuring success.

There is no magic rule for a successful video . You have to remember that the video is part of the online marketing and for visible results it takes time. Ultimate success will be measured the best with visible changes in the scope of your business.

Does video marketing has impact on your business and how? If you experienced any positive or negative examples please share it with us.