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Trendy Restaurant Uniform Ideas

Trendy Restaurant Uniform Ideas

You want to change uniforms for next season? I found out cool restaurant uniform ideas that would fit to your restaurant concept and your staff needs.

The role of uniforms for restaurant staff is manifold. First of all, it identifies working staff in restaurant and protects restaurant image by creating unique restaurant brand. Besides, it promote a productive working environment that meets all the safety and health requirements.
Before I started the research for this blog post,honestly I had no idea about how apparel of restaurant staff become so fancy last few years! So good-looking that I would love to wear some of these coats, pants, shirts and skirts for night out! I m lovin’ it! Materials, colors, comfort, practicality, maintenance and the message that sends, outfit of your chef or waiter is something that makes the job more enjoyable in every day while in the same time protects your staff, ensure hygiene in restaurant and working on restaurant branding.
That s the restaurant’s uniform that you want, right?restaurant uniform ideas

Different Types of Restaurant Uniforms

Depending on how many employees work in your restaurant you will have different needs for restaurant uniforms. Some of them will need shirt, coat and pant while others will need only shirt and apron.  Basically, restaurant uniforms should vary according to the type of work that staff doing. According to this classification, we can talk about the different restaurant uniforms as follows:

  • Uniform for servers – waiters
  • Uniform for Bartenders
  • Uniform for the maitre
  • Uniform for the restaurant manager
  • Uniform for cashier if you have one
  • Uniform for chef
  • Uniform for workers who clean the tables
  • Uniform for dishwasher
  • Uniform for workers on kitchen line – those who work with raw food, chopping, peeled fruits and vegetables, shredding meat etc.

restaurant uniform ideas chef coat restaurant uniform ideas orange uniforms

Of course, all these kinds of uniforms do not have to be absolutely different, but uniform for a chef, bartender and waiter must be different because of the identification of workers and their obligations ,their protection and hygiene regulations.

Restaurant Uniform Style and Functionality

Whether we talk about waiter or a chef the functionality and style of uniform is of great importance. The uniform must be matched with restaurant concept but its comfort and functionality is what makes it pleasant or unpleasant, practical or impractical to wear and maintain. First of all I m meant on the uniforms for the kitchen staff where uniform foremost should be indispensable. The uniform is made for staff’s personnel protection from liquid spills, grease, hot oil, cooking steam, etc.
Usage of cook hat, cap or scarf, or other headgear is required in the kitchen. It offers protection against the possibility that the hair end up in the ordered food.

Is there anything nastier than the hair that you find in your plate ? Definitely you will never visit the restaurant where you had such a uniform ideas colors
Apron is a mandatory part of the restaurant uniforms for staff who work in the bar. If you have ever worked in the bar, then you know from experience that this is primarily a very ” wet ” work , especially if you have like me began career in restaurant business by washing glasses.

If you are pouring drinks that certainly includes frequently spilling and protective apron becomes a very functional part of bartender’s outfits. At the market you can find different types of aprons, from cotton aprons to plasticized, aprons of different lengths, with or without suspenders, in many different designs and colors.

When we talk about the waitress’s uniform it would be advisable to sleeve shirts or T-shirts (forearm ) are in some color ( not white ) because this part of the uniforms is usually very exposed to food and may become dirty very quickly.

Color For Restaurant Uniforms

The classic combination of black and white uniform for waiter has been forgotten long time ago, although it may still be the best choice but not the rule for the classic restaurants that follow tradition. If you decide to get this combination of colors, or better to say uniforms without colors then chose unusual design or add charming accessorize to restaurant uniforms like ties, scarves or hats.

At Tar Pit, local designer Martin Zepeda created a sexy black sheath dress for female waitresses and bartenders. Hitting just-above-the knee, it features a deep but narrow U-neck with extended cap sleeves that bring out the dresses graceful silhouette.

restaurant uniform ideas clasic

Whether is your object a fine dining restaurant or a restaurant with quick service uniforms will look different. Match the color of the uniform with interior and logo of your restaurant. Also keep in mind that on the white uniforms will be noticeable any stain – which is a double-edged sword. Flawlessly clean white uniforms are an indicator of good hygiene and cleanliness in your restaurant, what is the first thing that your guests will notice. The bad thing about the white uniforms is that even the smallest dirt will give the impression to the lack of personal hygiene and according to this, guests can become suspicious when it comes to hygiene in the restaurant’s kitchen. If you prefer white apparel, make for each employee one uniform in addition. White uniforms are usually cheaper than colored so investment would be acceptable.

Play with colorful patterns. The fabrics in many colors and different patterns give the impression of relaxation, creativity and playfulness of staff in your restaurant. It will surely have a positive effect on the mood of your staff and the staff would wear these uniforms gladly.

Do not forget the fact that the smile on your restaurant staff faces is the best and most desirable fashion accessory no matter what color you choose!

restaurant uniform ideas sweetrestaurant uniform ideas apronsrestaurant uniform ideas urban

Restaurant Staff Uniforms – Patterns and Materials

Cotton is the most comfortable material for wearing but not the most durable. Uniforms made from cotton can be washed at higher temperatures, which ensures the destruction of bacteria and viruses that can be found on the uniform and that is very important when it comes to dealing with food.

Uniforms made by synthetic fabrics are long-lasting, can be wash at lower temperatures and require the use of a sterilizer for fabrics. When we come to price they are slightly more expensive than others. Synthetic uniforms are available in more colors and patterns than uniforms made of cotton.

Today, at the market can be found uniforms for restaurants made from materials resistant to stains. Apparently, these materials do not leak water or other liquids, they are easily washable and comfortable to wear. You may make a purchase online. An interesting concept, but is this material really comfortable for staff ?
Producers of uniforms specialize their business according to specific needs of restaurant industry in order to gain the targeted market so today you may choose from wide range of different kind of restaurant uniforms.

restaurant uniform ideas urban denimrestaurant uniform ideas pantsrestaurant uniorm ideas pants design

When we talk about uniform patterns it is allowed that uniform for restaurant staff is elegant, sporty or even sexy if sexuality is expressed indirectly. For example, a deep decollete will be too much and will adjoin the lack of taste, but sexy tight T-shirts would be just fine. Of course, it is understood that your employee who wear this kind of uniform have beautifully shaped body. This applies particularly to the bartender and barmaid which appearance can greatly affect to bar business. Specifically, beautiful women and handsome guys attract the attention of your visitors and will keep them longer in your facility.

Restaurant’s Uniform Ideas – Stylish Accessories

What separates a person with the style from the person without style? The answer is: well combined fashion accessories.
Extras on restaurant uniforms have been always present. In the past they were primarily identifying signs of different ranking for staff in restaurants. Today, in addition to the above, stylish accessories on uniforms are used to define a restaurant image.

restaurant uniform ideas patrons   restaurant uniform ideas apron design

Accessories for restaurant uniform includes: different ties, vests, hats, caps, scarves, aprons, suspenders and similar accessories that complement the look of the restaurant staff. Some of the more interesting examples of accessories for restaurant uniforms you can see at the following pictures.

restaurant uniform ideas hatrestaurant uniform ideas tierestaurant uniform ideas cap

Restaurant Logo On Restaurant Uniforms

Success in the restaurant business is based on two things, Food and Service. The presentation of both is absolutely necessary. Restaurant logo on uniform and custom restaurant work shirt is a one of the simple but effective ways to ensure awareness about your restaurant every time when your potential customer sees one of your employees.

So you need to emphasize the restaurant logo, match the color and style with it to create proper restaurant image. Print different message or some interesting fact or image on the uniform to activate more interest. Everything that makes the attention of visitors can be used.

Tip: Logo of your restaurant will be the best visible on the back of waiter shirts. Preferred color of shirts for this purpose is white, black and dark blue.

restaurant uniform ideas logo

Do not forget that one of the most important features when creating a restaurant image is constancy. Changing logos or new uniforms can bring refreshment in the restaurant but should not be done very often. Once you find what attracts your guests keep the basic concept. That will prominent you from the others and make your restaurant recognizable.

Shoes are Important Part of Restaurant Uniforms

Your restaurant staff, waiters, bartenders, cooks and all other employees perform their work in a standing position, so the most common health problems that occur due to work in the restaurant is a pain in the back or legs. Provide to your employees some good body support, comfortable shoes that will allow them to move easily while performing their duties. It is also very important that your staff shoes have slip resistant sole since spillage of different kind of liquids in the kitchen and bar is very common. With proper footwear design you will prevent unwanted accidents and ensure safety in your restaurant but also keep your staff healthy and happy at work. I found great choice of shoes for the restaurant staff at very affordable prices that you can view and shop online but they only have them in one color – black.

Write Uniform Policies In Employee Manual

Did you know that restaurants’ procedures for dictating, supplying and laundering uniforms may be governed by state law. Vague or unenforced policies can subject employers to costly litigation. In California, Nevada, New Jersey and New York it had been required by law that the employer provide and maintain the uniform. (source)

Please note that the purchase of restaurant uniforms is obligation of the owners of the restaurant. For every waiter, chef or bartender it would be good to provide at least two uniforms. Maintenance of  the uniform which includes washing should be your restaurant staff obligation. But if the maintain of uniforms include ironing, dry cleaning, separate laundering because of its color or heavy soil, then the employer must maintain the uniform or pay for maintenance to employees.

restaurant uniform ideas employee trainingrestaurant uniform ideas handbook

The rules about mandatory use of uniforms, as well as maintaining the same should be clearly written in the Employee Manual in the section of the rules about dress codes and personal hygiene at work. In this way, you ensure that it is clear to everyone how they should look during working shift. Also it is important to point out that the appearance of uniforms should not collide with religious or any other beliefs of individuals .
Respect your staff and they will respect you.

Regardless of price, color, style or message that sends one thing is sure: restaurant uniform that you chose is a big hit if it is comfortable to wear, adequate size, perfectly clean and your staff wear it gladly !

How your restaurant uniforms look like? What materials for restaurant uniforms are proven as the most comfortable to wear ? What impact have change of restaurant uniforms on your restaurant brand and how often you need to replace it with new one?
Comments are very welcome !