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13 Restaurant Promotion Ideas For Seafood Restaurants

13 Restaurant Promotion Ideas For Seafood Restaurants

If you planning to open a seafood restaurant or already have one, you will need to take some time to found out what restaurant promotion ideas for seafood restaurants is the best for you.

A few days ago I traveled to swimming with my family at the beach which we have quite often visited. As we passed that way for hundredth time, I knew that near the road there is a some kind of restaurant because dummy chef statue that holds the pan in his hand was there, but have never until now looked at it or thought to go inside to eat.

This time, my imagination and curiosity was triggered with smoke which comes out from the chef statue’s pan. Actually it was even more smoke then it should be, I m not quite sure what was burning inside, but That’s it – I thought. Definitely we have to try food in that restaurant and jump in for a dinner after swimming. Everyone in the car agreed that is a good idea. – We did not regret 🙂

Restaurant locations determines guest types and promotion strategy

Location and residents or nearby businesses particularly determines your guests which will give you restaurant promotion ideas. So at the beginning, you need to make market research. And as Jeffrey Summers (founder and principal of Summers Hospitality Group) says this analysis should include :

– Demographic
– Psychographic
– Sociographic and
– Ethnographic data.

The “competition” is not as critical as most people think. What is critical is that you understand what marketing opportunities exist in your marketplace. And despite popular misconceptions, this process can be very economical since it can decrease risk substantially and give you information to make much more definitive marketing decisions about where the opportunities lie which can bring about the most success.
Getting professional help from those who have successful experience in market analysis for restaurants is well worth it.

Seafood restaurants are usually found along the coast, close to the sea, places where we come to relax and enjoy. If your restaurant is located on the coast, it’s the most likely that your guests will be relaxed clients who want to spice up their own pleasure with good meal. On holiday you always get that extra pounds, which means that you really need to provide delicious food to your guests. Please act accordingly to this and don’t make food you would not eat by yourself.

But how they will found out your delicious meals and how to entice them to choose your restaurant?

Choose your Best  Restaurant Promotion Ideas for Seafood Restaurant

Many restaurant owners still agree with one fact and that is the best promotion is by Word of Mouth. But for Millennials these Word of Mouth is more like Written words – shared thoughts or comments on social media channels or portals like yelp or open table.
To get this reaction you need to work hard to give your customers experience which they will remember in positive way and share it with their friends. This means Great food, Great service , Good prices, Nice atmosphere, Good music , Clean toilette etc. Usually satisfy guests will become your regular guest.

Lately, becomes increasingly difficult to meet guest’s demands. New generation want a „Food event“ not just nice food and good service. They need more. If you want to get them in your restaurant you need to give them what they want. Furniture in your restaurant should be more stylish and fancy, include flat screens and “sick art ” from famous local artists . All these things make a lounge-like ambiance and provide plenty of interesting things for Millennials to capture it on their mobile phones and share it with their friends.

Restaurant promotion ideas for seafood restaurant

Choosing the name for restaurant

Restaurant name must be specific, easy to remember, easy to spell and if it is possible to have background story. The important thing you should consider when choosing a restaurant name is the impression which it will leave on your restaurants guests.

Seafood restaurant has been often named related to food they sell. It is good because names like „Big fish“ „Octopus“ gives clear sign to guests what kind of food they offer, but also these names can be boring and your guest would not remember them easily. Try names like „ Mr. Crab“ or „ Happy Oysters“- even it sounds a little bit silly it would attract your customer and make them to remember it.

Choosing the name for your restaurant is like choosing the name for your newborn baby. It s not always easy. You could also just play with words . Something what „sound good“ should be also good enough.
It s very useful when your restaurant’s name has also a background story. For example – old name of your city, or name of the nearby old castle . This gives you possibility to provide historical information for your guest and may be good introduction for your restaurant menu.

Design of your restaurant menu as a promotion tool

Menus should be successful tool and serve as the good advertising. If the name of your restaurant gives the first impression to your guest, your menu should be your restaurant’s identification card. It s the best tool for your restaurant introduction. This will happen only if they have meet the essential requirements. This means that they are seasonal, visually pleasant, sophisticated, clear, various, targeted to a specific group of guests, and definitely must to be credible.
This “silent salesperson” does not occur by accident – it needs to be strategically planned.

Good menus should be designed to match specific groups of guests, those with deeper, and those with less deep pockets.
If menus are used and understood as a marketing tool, they could increase your traffic in one season and bring more visitors to your restaurant by 20 % So be sure that your restaurant menu is design in a manner that will comply all requirements.

Create a buzz about your restaurant – make a Fish revolution

Use press and local radio station

Why you should paid for advertisements when you have public relations which is more effective way to get in touch with possible clients?
But before you begin any public relations campaign, be sure that food and drinks in your restaurant are great. The same applies to your restaurant management and operations which take place in it. This is very important when come to press because press could be good but also bad for your business.

You could do plenty of things to make that local media takes notice of your business. Do something to help your community and inform local press and radio stations about this event.
Try to think outside of box and people from your community will notice your work. Make a „Fish revolution“ – make it clear that you and your restaurant management protect endangered species of fish and that you do not serve it in your restaurant! –  No matter how delicious it is!

Restaurant promotion through social media channels


Advertising on Twitter is endless and you can always inform all your followers on an event you are preparing. Posting photos and announcing events is very simple. The information travels quickly and if you have a good offer for your Twitter community, it can spread quickly to a large number of users who will become your guests and followers.

Facebook, G+

Facebook and G+ can help you in your advertising as much as Twitter. If any one of your Facebook fans posts a picture of your establishment, you can offer them free drinks or an appetizer next time they visit your restaurant.

Best additional advertising on Facebook is mouth to mouth recommendations from fans who have received free drinks from you. The average Facebook user has 130 friends.

Respond to everyone who liked your Facebook page on time.

Make a contest
.  This will improve interaction with your fans. For example contest for best photo shoot in your restaurant . Reward the best one with free dinner.

Restaurant Content for Facebook and G+

Restaurant has plenty of content which can be used. You can provide recipes, showcase the food, shoot videos of the chef in action or write about origin of some special dishes in your offer. If you could not manage to make video by your own, you already have shared videos with similar content on YouTube. You just need to pick interesting one and share it with your fans.

Make Exclusive Events For Your Loyal Followers

Once a month close your restaurant and organize an event for the first 40 people who have been your loyal followers on social networks. You can use these events to promote new meals or drinks you plan to sell and get return information from your customers. Also, people love to be invited to exclusive events. You can offer free food with increased drink prices and organize Aperitif Time in your restaurant.

From my experience Facebook would not help you to get many new customers but it s good way of informing your fans and regular customers about new special offers and events in your restaurant, as to your customers  that you care about them .

Direct restaurant marketing – Text messages and emails

Advertising via text messages and emails is one of the most efficient. But to be honest it s not easy to get mobile phone numbers from your guests. Getting emails is a more easier. Build your customers data base and collect phone numbers and emails from your customers using surveys and questionnaires and you will  have a gold mine for direct marketing.

A good example of text message and email advertising is sending special offers from pizzerias for example during football season. The results are truly phenomenal. During these special offers, it s possible that sales increase by 30-40%!
Be sure that your restaurant menu with special offer have been available within stated time. This forces your guest to try it and make that decision during the time the offer is presented. This makes your guest to think that he will lose opportunity to try it if he puts of decision.

Make a deal with hotels and touristic agencies

What is the best promotion of your restaurant depends from many factors. For example, if your seafood restaurant is located in touristic place and your customers are mainly tourists you should certainly think about making contact with tourist agencies and hotels and make a deal with them. Offer special discounts for their guest and free meal for managers of tourists groups.

Popular restaurant promotion

Participate in Restaurant Week – food festival

It is perfect ceremony  for promotion of your restaurant. Check for dates in your region and be well prepared for this food festival, Dates of Restaurant Week varies from place to place. The general concept of Restaurant week was idea from Tim Zagat and Joe Baum. Tim Zagat is the founder of Zagat Survey which covers restaurant guides in cities all over the world. Joe Baum was a top restaurateur, creating such famous dining rooms as Windows on the World and the Rainbow Room.

How it works? It is joined promotion of local restaurants partner with local tourist organizations or chambers of commerce. It is very popular and sometimes has organized twice a year. Restaurant Week has seen an increase in appreciation, followers and footfalls to such an extent that it has inspired people to create their own version of the event in various cities across the globe. Don’ t miss this chance for promotion!

Think outside of box

As more as spontaneous you are, you will be more original. Open your mind and be free to do what ever you want to promote your restaurant. Sometimes things that attract attention adjacent to silly things. Try to make different concepts in a way you’d never thought of before.

Watch and listen your guests.
Just watching your guest could help you to understand them more and how they make decisions and choices when eating out. This can inspire you for new meal, event or even for new look of your restaurant.

Read more. Not just about restaurant industry it could „put you back in a box“. Read about different kind of business, find new linkages between your own industry and the new one. For example fashion and sports are something what most people follow and it is always actual inexhaustible source of new ideas.

Make a question Ask your friends and your customers what kind of changes or promotional ideas they will make if they were owners of your restaurant. Sometimes best idea is so close to you and you just need to ask or think from other perspective to touch it.
Open the door of your mind for new information and ideas to reach out to you, and if you got great food, good service and passion your restaurant business is on good road to success. Do you agree with me or not?
Good luck!