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7 Tips How To Make Restaurant Menu With Special Offers

7  Tips How To Make Restaurant Menu With Special Offers

How to create attractive restaurant menu with special offer which will bring you more guests and more orders? You have to make it look compelling and bring you a profit at the same time.

For most of businesses special offers are a common promotional and sales tools. It’s a good way to connect with customers and attract new one. There are some rules you should follow to make your restaurant menu with special offer stimulative to your guests.

You should know what kind of guest you have in your restaurant

You need to have a goal in your mind before you create your menu with special offer. Would this special offer bring certain guest to your restaurant? For example, simple fast food menu special will bring more students in your restaurant and will drive sales to huge target group. Or you want to put some vegetarian meals on your menu which will bring more vegetarians  in your restaurant, then make a special menu just for them.
No matter to which target group your menu special offer will be related, if it is done well it will be certainly reflected on your final profit or bring you new guests.

Always think about your bottom line

You should not do menu with special offer just because your competition have already done it. You need to have clear goal and benchmark to measure your profit. Maybe you will make a big response if you make „free“ or „half price“ offer, but could your restaurant afford it?

Calculate the profitability of your offer. Don’t forget to include the cost of advertising in your profitability calculation. Define these costs in your operating budget. Even no profit special offer is acceptable if it could bring repeat or new customers. Special offer should be always part of your advertising. That is one of the main reason why people buy something.
If you use special offer as a promotion of your restaurant very often I suggest to use a restaurant sofware which gave you possibility to change and work with special offer items on very simple and easy way.

Restaurant menu with special offer should be very clear to prospective guests

These kind of guests always need to know how much money they will save, and what they get for specified price – what makes your special offer special in numbers? Write that clearly. Your restaurant menu special offer is not price list but prices should be seen clearly.

Special offers need to be time-limited

This means that restaurant menu with special offer should be available within stated time. It could be set for example for one week or during football season. This forces your guest to try it and make that decision during the time the offer is presented. This makes your guest to think that he will lose opportunity to try it if he puts of decision.

It s also very important that you don’t use the same limited-time offer too often, because your guests would not take it serious. They’ll know that if they don’t take you up on today’s “special, limited-time-only!” offer, there will be another one exactly like it in a week or two – so there really isn’t any need to pounce on the deal. After some time potential guests have become immune to that tactic.

Make sure that your special offer is very personal to the guest

Your restaurant menu special offers should not be general because that kind of offer is not effective at all. It should be as more specific and relevant to your guest interest and needs. So be careful what kind of meal or meal and drink combination you will put on your menu with special offers.

Double your promotional power with partner

If you show your support for other businesses and organizations in your community this can double your promotion power. For example you can put some salads in a special offer and show your support to organic vegetable producers.
Teamwork got a power and the potential for creative, mutually successful offers. And also consumers like to buy from businesses that give back to their communities.
In any case restaurant menu with special offers can make your restaurant more attractive to guests while boosting your revenue.

Design of restaurant menu with special offer

Design of your menu with special offer determines effect on customer.It s the best if it is done by professional designer. Need to be very attractive to guest and should contain nice pictures of drinks and meals which  you are offering. You could also create it by your self using some of the restaurant menu templates which you can found on internet. Follow some basic rules to make your menu fully functional.