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Check Out! Trendy Restaurant Menu Ideas

Check Out! Trendy Restaurant Menu Ideas

Keeping abreast of the most current trends is priority in restaurant industry.There is no time to lose.

Let’s face the facts – As the crises is bigger more innovations taking place and also, virtually every bar & restaurant operates internationally. The most common questions that restaurant owners ask me are as follows: How to attract new guests in the restaurant? How to make a well designed restaurant menu, looking for new  restaurant menu ideas and what that menu should contain?

In this article I will answer on these questions with the results of my research about what’s trendy in the restaurant industry and how you can attract attention to your restaurant in this time of gastro-globalization.

Expansion of Flavors In Your Restaurant Bar – DIY Cocktails From Farm to Bar

Trendy restaurant and bars trying to move away from the usual drinks serving from the bottle. They prefer personalized flavor that makes guests feel special.

Lately it’s seams very popular that your guest could order drink which is not on your  menu card. This means that customers say what’s on their mind and what kind of taste they like, and your bartender make fashionable drink using available ingredients. So if you are looking for new flavor on your menu there is an answer.

Give some interesting names to these cocktails to make them competitive in a cocktail card.

Your bar should be ready for customers wishes, which means that you must have different kind of drinks, fruits and syrups .

State laws about pre-mixing of different drinks are being relaxed, so you can mix these cocktails and store it in small batches for weeks and even months, depends of what kind of alcohol you use it. This trend is spreading fast so now you can often see pre-made barrel-aged cocktails.

restaurant menu ideas

Old fashion house made syrups are very popular like syrups of lemongrass, pomegranate, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and rosemary. Mixed with alcohol or soda (kids are crazy about it) gives new approach to old fashion aroma.

Natural squeezed juices also has become  very popular. Using the fruits „from farm to bar”  will make a much better taste of cocktails and shakes. Also this is a good way of advertising because people love those who are helping community. Don’t  forget to mention that  when designing menu.  Consumers who seeking for fresh beverages or fruit-flavored carbonates and smoothies will get wanted illusion about healthy living style.

Mixologists are experimenting with carbonation, everything with bubbles is very popular.

Consequently, investments in the bartenders are enormous. This person must be very ambitious and get the knowledge and skills to meet all customers needs and wishes.

If your bartender even had exotic accent, you are absolutely hit trendy approach to customers.

Natural. Organic. Local. Healthy. – Customers demand for higher quality food

Bacon , fatty food, food trucks are „out“, let s face it – healthy food is absolutely  „in“.

The last few years there have been important changes in food consumption demands.
On daily basis, media publish importance about the food we eat , what contributes to our good health and what should be avoid.

Therefore, consumers need to be offered healthier alternatives on restaurant menus since they might have health difficulties, a desire to loose weight, or they are simply being careful about the ingredients of the food they eat.

The need to introduce healthier meals in fast food restaurants is supported by the results of the online survey. 91.9 % of online survey participants feel that fast food restaurants must offer healthier choices as well around 70% entirely agree or partly agree with the fact that food in these restaurants has too many calories, fat, salt and additives.

Very popular as a promotion tool is  example of McDonald campaignhas  to minimize unhealthy  food image. They made a nicely illustrated little book ,  which provides nutritional profiles of dishes they have in their offer, amount of calories, carbohydrates, sodium, protein, fiber, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and percentage of calories in each item in short, everything needed to analyze diet and nutrition.

When you read this little book everything seams to be perfect, perfect balanced diet on your table and you still eat hamburger, fries and cola!

Think Beyond Ordinary Food Presentation in Restaurant

You are already aware of importance of creative dishes on your menu but don’t forget the power of good  food presentation.
There’s never any harm borrowing ideas from your favorite restaurants. Be free to use these ideas or get out of box and make a new way of food presentation in your restaurant- I m sure that your guests will love that! You’ll soon get the idea of what works best.

Start with plates, cutlery, glasses and linen selection. This will enhance the overall appearance of the dish upon the table. White color of plates is used very often and has been always good choice because add appeal and interest to the dish without distraction.

Aside from color, plates could be different shape and style . Unusuall shapes are welcome. If you don t have interesting plates you can buy it very cheaply. If you want to be more creative you can use small pot or metal bowls even glass plates and glasses  for food presentation.

I love when dish is served on big plate. It gives you more space for your playground. Avoid trick of placing a tiny amount of food in the center. Sometimes I wanted to ask waiter where is the rest of my dinner?

Play with shape and color of your cooked vegetables . Try different way to put them on plate. This can make the simple to become special.

Think about how to present the main portion in relation to the side dishes. Try to put your cooked vegetables and your meat or fish in a way to get best impact –– the appearance and symmetry. Or brake symmetry. Personally I hate it, it’s safe and nice, but also could be predictable and boring.

Use traditional advice for dinner presentation. Imagine the diner’s plate as the face of a clock, and then place the central food of your dish (usually the meat or fish ) at the 6 o’clock position, or closest to the diner. After you placed your centerpiece, arrange vegetable as you like.

Sliced food in a different way ,thinly, thickly or left whole . Be creative with sauces.

– Keep up-to-date by checking out cooking websites, magazines and shows for current ideas.
– Try to keep your food presentation simple, consider the value of time.
I would like to share with you some food presentation ideas from top restaurants across the country .

restaurant menu ideasrestaurant menu ideas

Sauteed shrimp served with crab leg and Bread plate with “pearls” design.

restaurant menu ideasrestaurant menu ideas

Sushi Color and Watermelon kiwi and feta rubik’s cube

restaurant menu ideasrestaurant menu ideas

Salad  course served on glass plate with rim

restaurant menu ideas

Jar Jar Duck

Jar Jar Duck is my favourite, more than a dish with a funny name inspired by Star Wars. It’s a combination of smoked and confited duck, super-crunchy duck cracklings, sweet kumquat confit and pickled endives. Love it!

Restaurant menu ideas and trends

Restaurant owners need to make innovative menus to reach the never-ending quest to attract more customers. Chefs designing new items on menu from pastry to beverages .

According to information of Nation’s Restaurant News, chicken meat is the most popular in the restaurants menu in a year 2013. Particularly Chicken breast and Chicken wings are the most selling dishes in this year.

So be sure that you have lot of chicken dishes on your restaurant menu.
Food and wine magazine recommend these popular new chicken dishes from top 5 restaurants critics:

• Pan-Roasted Chicken with Citrus Sauce – with Latin-American flavors ,
• Braised Chicken all’Arrabbiata – chicken with five kinds of peppers in a wood-fired oven, Chicken-and-Okra Gumbo,
• Maple-Glazed Chicken Breasts with Mustard Jus – with maple syrup, sherry vinegar and orange juice infused with anise and other spices and
• Hot-and-Crunchy Chicken Cones -fried chicken coated in an ingenious mix of cornflakes, slivered almonds and sesame seeds.

Think about it, maybe it could be one of the new top selling dishes in your restaurant menu, why not?

Trendy global food – Scandinavian food has become very popular

When we talk about food globalization in United States, Scandinavian cooking continues it’s popularity ,especially in New York City where from time to time new Scandinavian restaurants are opening. The interest has grown and last week in New York City was organized first Nordic food festival hosted by Honest Cooking Magazine, in collaboration with the International Culinary Center and Restaurant Aquavit.

Pastry trends never ends

Americans love desserts and 99 % of them eat dessert after main dish, 70 % of those do it once a week. This means that you must have different kind of sweets on your restaurant menu.
What’s new and popular when we talking about desserts?
There has been a growing trend for mini pastries in recent years because customers has concerns about health more and more each day and mini sizes allowing to keep portion size controlled and our taste buds excited with more delicious options.

Mini cheese cake and mini sweet and savory options are popping up on menus especially cheesecakes in various combinations.

Also some old fashion cakes beloved by past generation return back on menus, like like Pumpkin Pie or Strawberry Shortcake. But now we see new look of it.
Cakes get creative.

Cakes are served warm with caramelized apples and cranberries or caramel sauce. It looks delicious and gives unforgettable taste!

For those who want to have their cake and diet too there are healthy cakes. For healthful dessert chefs usually use fresh fruit. They creating attractive and fancy shapes of fruits  serving it with chocolate or caramel sauce.

Don t forget bread pudding which now got new coat made from caramelized sugar!

In a time when there is no time – Breakfast get important place on restaurant menu

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s seams that people has become aware of this importance. Restaurant Trends reports that breakfast continues to have great potential for expansion among many food service players and expects breakfast restaurant sales to increase by 8% by the end of 2016. This fact gives more opportunity for restaurants to expand their offer of dishes for this part of day. Prepare your restaurant for these changes!
How to make best breakfast menu ?
During week days people are usually in rash so dishes for Breakfast Menu need to be prepared quickly.

Popular dishes for breakfast menu list are: Scrambled eggs, Blackberry pancakes with strawberry and syrup, Croissant filled with cheese, French toast, Latino breakfast plates -include black beans and salsa, Seasonal array of fresh fruit and berries, Doughnuts, Cereals and much more.

Restaurant promotion trends – funny viral videos

Big restaurant chain trying to find new way for promotion through buzzworthy videos. A viral video is a video that was created and becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. One viral video can make big changes and increase sales more then you could ever think .
These video clips are often fanny, or make people delicate, inspired them to share it, make awareness about specific brand and finally increase traffic.
Every month more than 180 million Internet users in the U.S. watched 36.6 billion online videos.

“It’s every marketer’s dream to be able to go viral with something that is cool and hip and edgy that doesn’t negatively taint the brand,” says Darren Tristano for QSR Magazin, executive vice president with food service research and consulting firm Technomic Inc. “It’s an absolutely huge win; you can’t even buy that kind of PR.”
Today short videos are very trendy and even small brand use it as a promotion tool. Everybody knows that picture is worth a thousand words ,so what  could you expect from promotional video?

I hope that this article will give you assistance to get some new ideas that you can use to promote your restaurant or inspire you to design new dishes that you can put on your menu. If you have some lovely food presentation ideas I would gladly insert it in my  next blog post.