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Restaurant Holiday Promotion – Hangover Menu

Restaurant Holiday Promotion – Hangover Menu

Make restaurant holiday promotion with hangover menu that will bring back life to your guest and money to you.

During the holiday season almost everyone drink or eat too much. Some of us got few pounds during these days because we can not resist to delicious food, while others overdo with drink, and got very very drunk and suffering from a hangover during next day.
Some studies shows that alcohol consumption in December, and during the holiday season increased by 40%. In this month people drink 600 million units of alcohol per day, which is quite a lot. 54% of men and 41% of women drink a lot more alcohol during Christmas days.
source: Christmas statistics


People have a holiday which bringspositive atmosphere, gather their family and friends and it is normal to drink much more than it’s usual.

On the other hand, for you, as a bar or restaurant owner, holiday is the best time in a year for your business..As long as the guests eat and drink your traffic will not surely decline. Moreover, during Christmas and the new year, revenues are increased. Offer to your guests delicious food and drinks at holiday prices and you can expect big results.
But, have you ever thought about these guests who drink one or two glasses of wine more than they should? What about them?

Oh yes, the hangover! All of us who have drink too much alcohol at least once in life have experienced it and know how it feels in the morning after a stormy night. You are lying in bed with explosion in your head,nausea and the your body craves for water. The horror!


And so while you are lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, which has finally stopped spinning, the first question you ask yourself is, “Do I really needed that last drink?” And another one would be: “What to do to stop this pain in my head, in my stomach and the other parts of the body? ”

This second question can help you in your business. But how?

You will offer to guests of your restaurant hangover menu that will bring them back to life.

There are a lot of restaurants around the globe which has in their offer Breakfast for hangover. New York got even  a list of restaurants where you can go to heal your body after crazy night.

I can’t see the reason why you should not offer to drunk people something good for fight with hangover for breakfast, especially during holiday season when people use to drink much more than usual.
Your new menu that will bring life to your guest with hangover will refresh your existing restaurant offer and I m sure will increase traffic in your restaurant. And it will bring relief to your guests and their sick bodies too.

A a lot of people have no will to cook for themselves after a party, and will gladly go out to eat something refreshing. Let your restaurant be the place where they can get their breakfast or lunch.

How to Make Restaurant Hangover Menu

If you want to make menu for hangover which really works you need to know basics about your body conditions and needs. Designing a hangover menu is not difficult.
It is important to know the foods that help to fight with a hangover, so that you could actually provide to your guests to back into everyday life. I will give you few suggestions which could help you to choose food and dishes for your restaurant hangover menu.


Juice from fresh fruits

Fresh juice should be the first thing that you will serve to your guest. Blood sugar levels fell precipitously after alcohol consumption, and further deteriorated hangover. For this reason, the consumption of fruit juices is one of the best ways to fight against hangover. Fresh juices from different kind of fruit: orange, cranberry or apple will raise up the level of sugar in the blood, and compensate lost electrolytes.

Vegetable soup

Classic vegetable soup with lots of vegetables is a great way to bring the water, vitamins and minerals to thirsty body. It need to have special place on your restaurant’s hangover menu. Vegetable soup can be easily digestible, and it is full of vitamins in order to heal the body faster. Soups are an ideal choice for hangovers to start the lunch or breakfast.

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna is full of nutrients, and studies have shown that is also one of the best foods that replace missing vitamins . Our bodies love tuna.


English breakfast

For those that need a fattier breakfast offer English breakfast. English breakfast ingredients may vary, but several basic foods have been always found. For example, eggs made ​​in the form of scrambled eggs, fried bacon, sausage, mushrooms and toast are necessary parts of the English breakfast.
Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that is effective weapon against acetaldehyde, the toxin that is a product of ethanol oxidation. This means that eggs are certainly the food that is very welcome.


Wholemeal bread is full of B vitamins and fatty acids that help to detoxify the liver and heal the body. It will also absorb excess alcohol which is of course, one of the best ways to combat hangovers. Serve it with vegetable soup.



In all of its forms ginger helps to easing nausea, and also acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory medication. Offer to your guests sweet drinks, tea or spices with some ginger or delicious carrot soup with ginger. This spicy seasoning will have a beneficial effect on the body and will help to overcome the hangover.


Banana is a fruit that contains potassium and magnesium, two minerals that has been lost in the body of people while drinking alcoholm which can cause extreme fatigue. Lack of potassium causing vomiting, cramps and nausea, so that bananas can greatly help in the fight against morning hangover. Banana in its original form or banana drink will help to your guests to feel much better.


Serve it to your guests with one fresh juice, a glass of water or tea. Let it be there just in case that they need it.


Restaurant hangover menu design

If you want to have success with your restaurant hangover menu you need to think about following things:

  • Include and combine these ingredients from the list with dishes from your standard restaurant menu.
  • Let your customer know that you want to help, so what are you going to do is to explain and make description why is that  food good for hangovers.
  • Provide creative name for your offer such as : ” Happy New Year Hangover “. Your guest will found out it funny, and they will know that it is a menu for their special needs, prepared with care.
  • Include images in hangover menu. Pictures say more than 1000 words, and will assist to guests who are not able to read the description of the dishes yet.
  • Inform your guests about the restaurant special offer and share this information on restaurant website, social media channels, radio stations and flyers just before Christmas and New Year Eve. You can leave flyers in the clubs, bars and public places. Always ask for permission before you leave them at publicplaces.

As you can see, creating attractive offers for a hangovers is very easy, and the results can be more than good. And your guests will be more than grateful for the miraculous offer.I’m sure you’re already thinking about how will you served breakfast for your guests during holidays mornings.

If you offer this type of menu in your restaurant share with us how you do it.
And if I convinced you to make this offer for the first time in this year inform us about the result.