Restaurant customer satisfaction is the best advertising

Restaurant customer satisfaction is the best advertising

Goal of every owner of restaurant is customer satisfaction. Due to very tough competition, only the best and most persistent survive in the hospitality industry.

Service tailored to customer needs

Conducting business activities towards satisfying the needs of customers is the basis of every business success story. Activities fulfilling the desires and needs of the guest, among the rest are: reception, accommodation, food, entertainment and other activities.
Tourism and hospitality are the fastest growing industries and are more and more measured by the ability to provide tailored services for each guest individually. Profitability and effectiveness depend upon how successfully specific customer needs and desires are met.
The biggest role in achieving business success is played by customer service made possible by good communication among employees. Mutual understanding, harmony and interaction among employees are in every way felt by the customer who, based on those relationships, evaluates and remembers positive as well as negative experiences.

Communication with the customer

Direct communication with the customer is very important and, if conducted properly, represents best advertising for your business. Reversibly, poor communication and customer dissatisfaction will lead to overwhelmingly negative consequences. Recognizing customer needs and meeting them through excellent quality service leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Positive energy is the foundation

For the guest to feel positive energy, the same energy has to exist among the employees. First step in achieving this for you, the owner, is to take care of your staff: recognize when one of them has a problem (“leave your personal issues at home” is not the best approach), talk to them, and try to help them. Sometimes, you will be unable to help but showing that you care matters to your employee, who will appreciate this when coming to work and when communicating with customers.Your guest can feel that energy and spread restaurant customer satisfaction.

Success formula

How critical attention to customers and employees can be, is best illustrated by examples of Tony Hsieh (Zappos) and Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library).

Tony was a millionaire at the age of 24, selling his first company to Microsoft for an amazing 265 million USD. He believed he had a success formula. After that, he joined an online shoe store that surpassed Amazon in online sales, having higher prices but paying greater attention to customer service. Amazon purchased Zappos in 2009 for an even more amazing 1.2 billion USD. Customer service does pay off :).

Gary’s experience was just as remarkable. He moved from a local wine shop owner to one of the biggest wine sellers in the world by providing service to each buyer directly, in the store or online, advising them, recommending wine, in case of a misunderstanding explaining in detail why something was done the way it was.

The level of quality of the service you offer is directly related to the level of customer satisfaction. In the hospitality industry, the central service, selling the service itself and the product, is taking care of the customer.

Get to know your customers

Customers’ expectations originate from:

  • value system, social status and culture,
  •  attitudes towards the culture they are visiting,
  • personal value systems,
  • momentary moods,
  • their habits.

Providing high quality customer service involves:

  • knowledge of the culture customers come from,
  • understanding and acceptance of their specific characteristics,
  • recognizing their expectations,
  • excellent knowledge of everything a certain location has to offer,
  • ability to communicate in several languages,
  •  being open, in a good mood, smiling and being very polite,

Your customers have different needs, but the most important ones are:

  • changing their surroundings,
  •  satisfaction with their accommodation,
  • good food and drink,
  • seeing natural beauties,
  •  having experiences they will remember,
  • and lastly, peaceful and pleasant rest and sleep.

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