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QR Code – Restaurant Marketing Tool

QR Code – Restaurant Marketing Tool

Fast development of smart phone technology created an opportunity to work with QR codes. Restaurants, bars and other types of hospitality establishments have gained an excellent marketing ally. QR codes are used across the globe since they are practical and user-friendly, and they have gained great popularity in restaurants and other hospitality businesses.

How to use QR codes in restaurant marketing

QR code, as a powerful marketing ally, can be used for providing additional information, in form of photographs or videos, about your restaurant’s food and drink offer, upcoming events or specials, i.e. exclusive coupons.

Outdoor advertisement with QR menu to be viewed via smart phone

QR codes can be placed on restaurant stickers, banners, napkins and menus. They can be used for advertising on leaflets, posters or outdoor bus stop shelters.

Example: QR code leading to a video of special food offer or part of a menu

Videos are a great way of showing your customers how you prepare your food and how it looks. Visual presentation has a more successful effect than a textual description of a meal or drink and the meal presented this way is more likely to be ordered.

QR codes that lead to coupons are also an excellent marketing tool used to attract new and keep regular customers.

Video: Calling on the server using QR code

What are QR codes

QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional code that is similar to a standard barcode but with one key difference – it can be read with a mobile phone. The code contains a text message that is most often a web site. After reading the QR code, mobile phone’s internet browser takes the customer directly to a web site. Compared to typing in the web site address, this technology is much faster and simpler.

How to read QR codes

QR codes can be read by any mobile phone with a camera, internet access and an application for reading QR codes. Some phones come with this application already installed, but for others, there are many applications available for free downloading online.
Usage is simple: when the application is activated, a screen similar to a camera will appear. Fit the QR code into the screen, photograph it and the application will automatically connect you to the web address contained in the code. One click and you’re there!
QR code technology is totally free and anyone can turn their message or internet address into a unique QR code.