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Napkin Folding By Luigi Spotorno

Napkin Folding By Luigi Spotorno

Add new mood for your restaurant with simple action – by changing the color and style of the table linen. Learn about new approach to beautiful table linen from the master of napkin folding.

The first thing that think of when someone mention a napkins is colorful cardboard box from my older cousin Caca crammed with different designed napkins. That was a kind of chest with treasure which was available only for her eyes. During my growing girls were gathering, collecting napkins, assembled them in boxes and change duplicates with other girls. Same as boys did with  football players sticks . They admired their softness, colors and details printed on them.

It s all about details

Something what I have always emphasize is the importance of every detail in hospitality business. Details are very significant and useful tool which can make harmony, helping with creation of original style or ruin it.

Just like perfect jewelry at nice dress or seasoning for great dish, table napkins, tablecloth, plates and cutlery make your table beautiful, interesting and attractive – or not.

There are different kind of table napkins regarding their color, size and material, and the way you fold it talks about your restaurant more then you might think. Final look could be simple, fancy or real peace of art.

Types of table napkins

Combination of several elements: the glasses, the cutlery, the china and of course, the napkin made a well dressed table.
Let s see what kind of this last element – napkin we have on market.

Napkins usually has come in various sizes, each tailored to its specific use.

Beverage Napkin – This one is used in serving drinks and hors d’ oeuvres. It is a square napkin, measure around 5 inches in each side. Could be made from different material – paper or cloth.

Luncheon Napkin – Luncheon napkins measure 13″x 13″ when unfolded. They could be paper or cloth napkins. This napkin has been used for lunch serving.

Dinner Napkin – It is larger than Beverage and Luncheon napkins. These are the most beautiful napkins. There is a theory that the more food and drink has been on the table , the bigger napkin should be.

If you use paper napkins be sure that you have personalized  them , they are must have. These personalized napkins can be customized with your choice of colors, font and styles to match your decor. Personalize them with your restaurant name, logo and some fact or special message. You could even use it as a tool for your restaurant promotion.

Chic Beverage Napkins add undeniable style to cocktail hour! They are available in a different modish designs.

Cloth napkins has also come in various colors, custom designs and monograms and even match the tablecloths. There are a diapason of materials that were made, from the most ordinary cotton and linen to beautiful silken napkins for elegant restaurants.

Cloth napkins are in my opinion more beautiful then paper napkins, but also much more expensive considering costs of washing and ironing.
In any case cloth napkins are more suitable for  folding and gives you great opportunity to complete the picture of a well dressed table especially if your restaurant is more elegant or oldfangled. For fast food restaurant or modern minimalistic restaurant paper napkins are more suitable.

Don t forget main use of napkin . You give it to your guest for wiping his face when needed and to protect his lap from spills. But it should not be used as a morning towel! It should be used for its purpose gently!

Napkin folding by Luigi Spotorno

Learn about a new approach to beautiful table linen, from the master of folding – Luigi Spotorno. He has over 35 years’ experience in the catering industry. Born in Venice, Luigi developed his napkin folding skills working in the first class dining rooms of liners including the Canberra and Achille Lauro.

After that he is settling in London and working as a restaurant manager in some of London’s most prestigious restaurants.
He published a illustrated book Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding for easy learning .

If you want to improve your table decorating skills read this book or follow carefully these videos where Luigi show us some popular ways of napkin folding .

The important thing is to enjoy while you are playing with napkin folding

There is no limits. Unleash your imagination , customized it just the way you like it and develop your own individual style .
Let you and your guests enjoy in gorgeous table setting.

Dinner Jacket

 Fancy Looking



 Bird Of Paradise




I hope that this article will help you to make nice  table decorations and if you like it share it with your friends.
Also if you have more interesting ideas for restaurant decoration which would like to read about  please leave a comment .