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The 17 Best Mother’s Day Restaurant Marketing Ideas

The 17 Best Mother’s Day Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Do you need fresh Mother’s day restaurant marketing ideas to get every table in your restaurant reserved in advance?

Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the busiest days of the year for restaurants and bars. Oh yeah, girls want to have fun too! You want to ensure a memorable party in your bar or restaurant for girls, mothers, wives, grandmothers and their loved ones or family?
You might not be able to satisfy all of them but one thing is sure, you can offer to them what they like the most, and it’s a bit of care and a lot of fun! Get ready for this day !

Mother’s Day dates back to ancient history and is celebrated in honor of mothers, wives and women’s influence in society. Although on different dates, this holiday is celebrating all over the world. In the USA it is celebrating on the second Sunday in May and in other countries is also called Women’s Day and it is celebrating on different dates: 8th March, the first Sunday in May, April 7, etc. On Women’s day same as on Mother’s Day people celebrating woman, a mother and her contribution in the development of the society.

mothers day restaurant marketing ideas chart

People will spend a lot of money for celebration and gifts. About 80 million of adults in the U.S. will spend Mother’s Day outside their homes. 55 % of them will go with their mothers, wives or grandmothers to dinner or lunch at favorite restaurants.

Whether you have bar or restaurant entertainment must be guaranteed. You must make it special. But how ? In the following text I will write about Mother’s day restaurant marketing ideas ideas and instruct you on important issues related to the organization of business in your restaurant before the celebration of this holiday.

Favorite Meals for Mother’s Day

According to  data issued by the National Restaurant Association dinner is still the most popular meal that guests will choose on Mother’s Day. 55 % of the total number who will celebrate this day in a restaurant will go out to dinner, 34% of them will bring mother, girlfriend, wife or grandmother to lunch, 30% at Mother’s day Brunch and 12 % of them will have breakfast at restaurant on this day.

In accordance with this information and the behavior of your customers prepare your restaurant for this day.

When we look at statistic about customers choice when we talk about types of restaurants, at first place are steak houses, then seafood restaurants and restaurants that offer a barbecue in their menu. The most popular are American restaurants, 34 % of Americans would choose them, then Italian restaurants, Mexican and finally Asian restaurants.

mothers day restaurant marketing ideas brunch

Use this information as a guide for creating Mother’s Day special for your restaurant. Your should include in it American’s favorite meals : steak, fish, pizza, pasta and some spicy dishes from your regular restaurant menu.

Mother’s Day Special

The loyal customers coming back to your restaurant because of constant quality of food, but why you should not offer something new? If you  refresh offer you are showing that you care about your loyal customers and attracting new guests.

If you look at the statistics, most traffic on this day will be in the evening hours, but why not create an offer for Brunch at promotional prices? This is one of the great Mother’s day restaurant marketing ideas. Take a look at some menu suggestions from famous restaurants.mothers day restaurant marketing ideas menu example
Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch and it is eaten during the week usually in the late morning but it can extend to as late as 3 pm on Sundays. Brunch is usually organized in restaurants from 11 am to 2 pm. It is ideal opportunity to go out to eat for those who want to spend the rest of the day with socializing and relaxing with family at home or in nature.

See examples of restaurant marketing ideas for this holiday of some famous restaurants.

Coastal Restaurant & Bar – Hilton Charlotte Center City
Join Coastal this Mother’s Day! For $28.95 enjoy a classic array of items including a chocolate fountain! Kids 12 & under are 1/2 price, includes complimentary valet parking.

Treat Mom to a special brunch experience! First seating starts at 9 am! Full brunch menu available. 3 Course Sunday Supper, $28 per guest, starts at 5:00 pm.

Fleming’s Steakhouse – Charlotte
Celebrate Mother’s Day with brunch. Join us Sunday, and enjoy an outstanding three-course brunch menu for $36.95. Doors open @ 11:30 am.

Luce Ristorante
Celebrate Mother’s Day the Italian way!Join us from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm for our delicious 3-course menu. Adults-$35 and Children-$15. Bellinis and Mimosas for $7

By creating a prix fixe menu you will surely attract guests and increase your sales. This gives them opportunity to combine a meal from various range of dishes at same fixed price. Match your dishes with special care for moms!

mothers day restaurant marketing ideas flayer

1 Nocello
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! from Nocello . Make it a special day for the Mom in your life! Offering a 3-course Prix fixe menu, along with our regular dinner menu & nightly specials.

490 West
Garden City | Contemporary American
We will be opening early at 2pm and will be serving our regular menu as well as a 4 course Prix fixe menu for 49.95.

Mother’s Day Promotion for Bars

If you are owner or manager of bar you also have a chance to increase sales and promote your catering facility using this holiday. Your target guests will be probably younger married couples that looking for fun and excitement or women without their partners. Organize the best entertainment for them!

  • Bring DJs, let them dance all night!
  • Host ​​dancing firefighters or police officers ! This is not bad idea at all.Even the most conservative women can not resist to their charm. Great fun will be guaranteed.
  • If you want some sophisticated entertainment host jazz or rock musicians.
  • At the entrance, as a welcome, give to each lady one flower as  a gift. This will be nice and inexpensive way to congratulate Mother’s day and bring smiles on their faces.

Mother’s Day – A Family Holiday

Mother’s Day is in many ways very similar to Valentine’s day and the atmosphere in the restaurant at this day should be almost similar. People gathering to celebrate love, this time the unconditional love for mother. But, however, unlike Valentine’s Day this holiday usually celebrates the whole family. Therefore, you can expected big crowd at your restaurant.

mothers day restaurant marketing ideas kids

Be prepared for children and their special needs and requirements. Noisy kids could ruin the atmosphere. In order to somehow cope with this problem be sure to have in your restaurant children’s menu combos that will speed up the ordering process for little ones. Reserve a special corner in the restaurant where the children will have fun doing some quieter activities such as drawing or making cards for Mommy will keep them in one part of restaurant while they waiting for food. If you have possibility reserve few tables for guests who have very small children and create a special separe for them.

Tips : If you do not already have them in your restaurant, prepare few kid’s feeding chairs for this holiday.

Restaurant Staff Organisation for Mother’s Day

As you expect big crowd for Mother’s day don’t let that your restaurant got too much reservations or that your staff is not well prepared. That could destroy the atmosphere in your restaurant.

Planning is always very important, especially when you are expecting high traffic. Plan the working shifts for staff in advance so there is no possibility to have staff deficits. Additional staff will improve restaurant operation and faster workflow.

Table reservation should be available at least two weeks in advance. So you will not get a lot of requests for reservations at the last moment and you’ll have time for good preparation and organization of the business.

mothers day restaurant marketing ideas restaurant staff

Mother’s Day Restaurant Marketing Ideas

According to statistics made by the Statistic Brain, on Mother’s day in 2013 has spent 14.6 billion dollars on gifts and celebrations. I m sure your guests will spend more money than usual for this special day. So if you do not want to create a special offer for this day offer something new for your guests, for women,something for free. There are many examples of this type of promotion. Give special treatment to females! Some of the Mother’s day restaurant marketing ideas that will attract women in your restaurant :

  • Free dessert as a gift for women
  • Free drinks for women
  • Drink every third drink for free
  • Free flowers for women
  • Free gift cards
  • Free chocolates
  • 20 % discount for women.

Follow the competitive restaurants and how they doing promotion. If your competition is offering a special offer for Mother’s day brunch, you can do something different to increase the sale and create a Mother’s day  Prix fixe menu for lunch or make special offer for dinner that includes free buffet. Success will be guaranteed.

Restaurant Decoration for Mother’s Day

Decoration or restaurant for should be in nice colors. As this holiday was placed in May, in the spring, let your restaurant exudes scents and colors of different flowers. Flowers, flowers and again flowers. Never enough flowers for all the women of the world. If you choose flowers for decoration in one color, then choose pink, red or orange or you can play with color combinations. Let it be colorful and cheerful, why not ? Take a look at some nice table decorations examples on the following pictures.

mothers day restaurant marketing ideas  table decoration mothers day restaurant marketing ideas table decoration mothers day restaurant marketing ideas table decoration

Contact your supplier for the holiday’s equipment where you can get a variety of ornaments for Mother’s day, such as napkins, tablecloths, candles and candlesticks, as well as invitations and greeting cards with suitable motifs for this day. Match the decoration of tables and colors with the concept of the restaurant. Sometimes it is enough to change a napkins and tablecloths and you make your restaurant to look different and get right atmosphere for this special day.

Tips : Tie a decorative ribbon with the words ” Mom ” on one chair, so she could have the best sitting place at the table.

Restaurant Exclusive Events for Mother’s Day

Host the musicians. Nice dinner with music is always attractive for your guests . Also well known or local musicians will attract the attention of their fans and bring in new guests that can become your new regular customers. A well-chosen music will assure a really good atmosphere and more traffic in your restaurant will cover the cost of contractor.

Wine tasting
is increasingly represented as an instrument for restaurant promotion. It is obvious that it makes a positive effect on business and it brings good atmosphere in the restaurant. The mood of your guests is always better if they drink few glasses of wine more.
Check with your liquor supplier how to reach the producers and distributors of wines and make direct contact with their representatives. Explain to them how you want to promote their wines. In this way you will get big discounts on the purchase price and will achieve contacts that could be useful for future business.

Make ” One man stand-up show” or ” open microphone “. For an organization of this event you will only need a microphone and few open minded guests.

Host local comedians. People love humor and laugh, especially when it is relates to relationships between man and woman. There is a lot of ideas for laugh inspiration and good fun will be guaranteed.

Mother’s Day Restaurant Promotions Ideas

Promote a special offer on the website of your restaurant, social media networks, through radio commercials, printed materials and by any other available ways of advertising.
Create promotional flyers and share them in nearby office buildings, cafes, busy parts of the city such as bus and tram stops. Leave flyers in flower shop too. Use stickers instead of leaflets, this is also very cool way of promotion. Encourage your guests to make a reservation, so you’ve got to offer special discounts for Mother’s Day early bookings. In this way, you are encouraging potential guests to make a  table reservation while organization of restaurant’s operations and restaurant staff becomes easier.

Visit business buildings in your neighborhood with some small free gifts and greeting cards for Mother’s Day and inform potential guests about your Mother’s day offer and make reservations for interested guests at place.

Big printed commercials with an offer for Mother’s Day must be placed in front of the restaurant and visible to passers so they can get all information about the celebration of Mother’s Day in your restaurant. Maybe some of them are your future guests.

Inform your customers about your offer for Mother’s Day via the website if you have one, or send emails to congratulate this holiday if you have built customers database.

Use the opportunities of free advertising on social media networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Make advertise on specialized Internet portals like Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Groupon and OpenTable. If you have a restaurant mobile application you should definitely use it for advertising special offers and online bookings for your loyal customers who own it.

Restaurant Video Promotion for Mother’s Day

Currently one of the most popular ways of advertising is video. I hope that by now you have created your YouTube channel ? If that’s not the case than simply create it. Today you can very easily record promotional video. For example your chef can prepare a dish from your Mother’s Day menu, and in this way directly introduce your offer to viewers. For this purpose, you can use any smart phone. The ideal length of the promotional video would be two minutes. If your have charming chef and great receipt your promotional video will be a hit !

Do not forget to optimize your video for search engines. Write at least 5-7 relevant keywords as tags for your video. Tags will connect your video with other similarly tagged video footage and it would be displayed on the search results related to Mother’s Day restaurant offer in your region.

I hope that you got some new Mother’s day restaurant marketing ideas after read this article and that your restaurant will become a ideal place to celebrate this perfect day.

How did you promoted and organized your restaurant on Mother’s Day last year ? What was your experience ? What impact had restaurant promotion in your guests attendance ? Leave a comment I would like to know!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women around the globe ! Have fun and treat yourself well !