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Free tips how to market restaurant or bar

Free tips how to market restaurant or bar

Whether you are looking for a way to improve your business or you just want to launch a marketing strategy – you’ve come to the right place. We made a list of free tips how to market restaurant or bar .

When it comes to kicking off a marketing strategy, many owners don’t know where to begin. We made a list of tips how to market restaurant or bar that can be useful (not listed in order of importance).


Advertising on Twitter is endless and you can always inform all your followers on an event you are preparing. Posting photos and announcing events is very simple. The information travels quickly ad if you have a good offer for your Twitter community, it can spread quickly to a large number of users who will become your guests and followers.


Facebook can help you in your advertising as much as Twitter. If any one of your Facebook fans posts a picture of your establishment, you can offer them free drinks or an appetizer next time they visit. Best additional advertising on Facebook is mouth to mouth recommendations from fans who have received free drinks from you.

Exclusive events

Once a month close your restaurant and organize an event for the first 40 people who have been your loyal followers on social networks. You can use these events to promote new meals or drinks you plan to sell and get return information from your customers. Also, people love to be invited to exclusive events. You can offer free food with increased drink prices like we described in the article on Aperitivo Time.

Text messages

Advertising via text messages is one of the most efficient. Collect phone numbers from your customers using surveys and questionnaires and you have a gold mine. A good example of text message advertising is special offers from pizzerias during game time. The results are truly phenomenal. During these special offers, sales increase by 30-40%.

Tourist agencies

Contact tourist agencies and make a deal with them to offer discounts and other benefits to them and their visitors.


Find companies that are near you and offer a discount to their employees. If you are near a school, offer the same to students.

Loyalty marketing

To all guests who have dined in your restaurant 6 times, offer the 7th meal for free. This is the best and most concrete marketing program for loyal customers. Why not show them respect and gratitude in return for their loyalty.

Menu/price list

Use your menu or price list to promote your offer and upcoming events. Offer your customers a daily menu. Make them accustomed to daily changes in your offer and they will return. Use your menu as a free advertising tool.

Guerilla marketing

Prepare your best food offer that is tasty when served cold (bite-sized pieces for sampling) and take it to a nearby office building during lunch time. Positive results will definitely follow.


You can’t ignore the virtual world that can have an impact on your business as well.
Promote your restaurant with creative photographs of your establishment and offer. Add a decorative detail in a photo of a meal, such as a small umbrella with your logo printed on it and it will help promote you.

Spontaneous ideas

Promote your establishment without rules or a program, just by putting your spontaneous ideas into action. Give away promotional t-shirts, let your staff wear pink ribbons on cancer awareness day or jerseys when an important game is on… the rest you can come up with on your own, right!