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How to Attract New Customers Using Restaurant Web Site

How to Attract New Customers Using Restaurant Web Site

Restaurant web site is a powerful marketing tool but how to attract new restaurant customers with it?

Your web site is a powerful marketing tool in your communication with customers. It is one of the most successful online restaurant marketing tools. It allows you to strengthen your brand name and exchange business information. From daily offers, weekend events, to news on service and product upgrades, it is an optimal tool for informing you regular and potential customers.

A regularly updated web site becomes a place where customers return, just like they return to your restaurant or bar. Many potential customers get informed over the web site about your offer and establishment. Before they make a decision, an important factor to them is the amount of new content on the page. Statistics have shown that 80% of customers select a place that updates its web site regularly. Without fresh content and updated event schedules, your restaurant will not be considered as first choice for new customers.

how-to attract-new-customers-web-booking

An additional reward for updated web sites is a better rating on search engines increasing the possibility of customers finding your establishment during their online search. So, if you have not updated your page in a while, there is less chance the customers will find you.

If you do not visit your own web site often, it is time for a small review. Go to your page and ask yourself th
e following questions:

  1. Is the page visually attractive?
  2. Does it present a consistent impression of your establishment and does it adequately convey its energy?
  3. Is the content and event schedule up to date?
  4. Are all the links working properly?
  5. Do you have a contact form for the customers to fill out and send?
  6. Are the road directions to your place simple and is a map displayed?
  7. Can the information be easily printed out (menu, map, event list)?
  8. Do you have a Facebook or a Twitter account?
  9. Are the photographs too small and don’t portray your establishment well?

Just like the first few steps to your physical establishment determine the first and permanent impression on a customer, so does your web site. In many cases, it is the reason why potential customers will select you and become your regulars. Answering the aforementioned questions, you will be able to find out whether your web site represents you in the best possible way.

Tip: Don’t forget to attach a map on your web site in order to show the location of your restaurant.

Check out several restaurant web sites as examples for an upgrade of your current site or creation of your first.

1. Back Yard Burgers
 how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

2. Ruby Tuesday

how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

How to Attract New Customers ? – Make it Functional!

Your website is the identity card of your restaurant and also marketing tool for establishing communication with guests, promoting the restaurant, giving information about daily deals, prices, menu changes and announcements about events in your restaurant.

How make your restaurant’s web site functional and interesting to your potential guests? It must be regularly supplemented with new content and optimized for Internet browsers. Only web site like this will be displayed at search results.

High quality POS software offers the ability to update menus, offers and changes in the prices on your website directly relaying information from your restaurant program . In this way you do not have to spend time entering data, and information on your website is always fresh and updated.
Good web page design provides to visitors easy navigation in the web site content, beautiful and unique look. Good design is conditioned by knowledge of the basic directions for functional websites creation. Keep this in mind when giving money to professional web designer.

3. Hoddows

how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

4. Saf Restaurant

how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

Start Taking Online Orders Today

If you have a food delivery service online ordering will definitely increase traffic. Some people like me, prefer to see and choose the dish from your online menu and order it directly from the web site.
Quality POS cash registers offer the ability to transfer online orders and online reservations directly into your Restaurant program. It allows you to accept ordered food easily, and provide fast delivery.
Do not forget that the web form for online ordering includes space for writing e-mail and phone contact. If you do not deliver the food to enhance the database of guests provide online booking in your restaurant.

5.  McDonalds

how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Ok, you have a beautiful designed website with all necessary information, attractive articles and photos for your guests, but if you just type in Google “the name of your city” and “restaurants” your web site is not listed , not even at third page of results.

Your site must be properly optimized and that means it must meet certain criteria according to which search engines ranking pages as interesting and offering them as search results.

Some of the criteria that are used to optimize the site include: editing site content frequently, inclusion of most searched keywords in the content, inclusion of images and videos, promotion of web site to increase the number of back-links or inbound links and much more.

6. Culinaria

how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

 7. Nuevo

how-to attract-new-customers-web-site

There are so many online marketing tools, one of them is your web site.
Be sure that you don’t give your money for web site just to have it, your web site must serve to you and your customers, to give them all important information about your restaurant’s offer and be your online salesman.

Does your web site satisfy those criteria and does it have big influences in your restaurant business?