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How Google’s Show Me The Menu Could Increase Your Restaurant Sales

How Google’s Show Me The Menu Could Increase Your Restaurant Sales

With new service show me the menu Google from “search engine” becomes “find engine” and shows your restaurant menu directly in Google results.

Google already offers the ability to give a short answers to simple questions, like weather information and sports scores but now goes one step ahead and shows the menus for restaurants included in search query.

In the following blog post I will consolidate all available information and explain how you as a restaurant owner or restaurant manager can use this Google “Show me the menu “ service to improve your restaurant business.

How  Google’s Show Me the Menu  works?

Your guests should no longer think of anything, they just make a wish what they would like to eat and ask Google to find restaurant who have that meal in its offer. Not exactly, but almost like that!
Several weeks ago, Google announced new free service for its customers that shows the menus for restaurants that are involved in the search. For example, if your customers searching for some specific meal in favorite restaurant they just enter in a Google search bar “show me the menu for the “name of the restaurant ” and Google will automatically give them search results with restaurant menus.

google show me the menu
Until now, people were browsing through individual portals for restaurant promotions like Open Table, Urban Spoon or Yelp to find restaurant’s menu and special offers. Today they don’t have to waste their time looking for the food they want to eat right now. With the new free Google service selection of restaurant is simplified and provide faster browsing.
Next time when your guests are  planning breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends in a restaurant with the help of Google ‘s services “show me the menu” they could check whether the menu of your restaurant have something that will please everyone in his company.
Google will display a restaurant menu at the right top of the search page – along with the various parts of the menu as appetizers, breakfast, lunch or dinner and very often menus will be listed with the price of food, so your potential guests have all the necessary information before they make any reservation.

But how new google’s service will affect to your restaurant business ?

Online Economy Continues to Bloom

It is almost superfluous to write about the importance of online marketing today when almost every job begins and ends online. But what is new and necessary for the development of online marketing? They need to become personal, so google must narrow niches of users of certain services and provide online services at the local level.
One of these services is ” Google Show me the menu ” that currently only works in the USA. So I have tried out how this service works and these are my results.

When I tried to get menus of my favorite restaurants from ten of them I get a few complete menus.
For every restaurant I have got following information. Search results has been shown in a card at right side of the screen with some basic information about restaurant, including how to get there, showing route on Google map, restaurant logo, and list of other related restaurants. Also, while for some restaurants they got fresh news for others  some informations were outdated but I  expect that, as Google just started to build its menus database.
google show me the menu

According to Search Engine Watch, the recent change will add for every restaurant a menu card that will show menu items with prices of the selected restaurant without need to click through the restaurant web site.

I’m sure that after building a database and linking with other sites that promote the restaurant offers this service will be very useful for customers and restaurant owners, so it certainly has very bright future.

This is what Google service “show me the menu” specifically meansfor you as a caterer  :

  • You’ll be able to skip the promotion at portals like Open Table, Urban Spoon, etc.
  • Your restaurant offer will be visible to your target guests, guest who want to visit your restaurant, guest who are located in your town
  • Continued promotion of restaurant menus and restaurant special offer
  • This Google service gives you possibility of free advertising

Advertising in Search Engines – Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

Advertising in search engines or popular SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) is part of Internet marketing that increases the chance of showing your website in search engine results. That is exactly what you need to keep your restaurant to took one of the first places on Google ‘s list of the available search results.

Search engines use specific sings to separate the sponsored websites. Search engines display as search results sponsored websites and those that are not sponsored based on the frequency of search queries and originality of content in your website .
Marketing on Search Engines includes all actions that are responsible for better positioning of your website on the list of search results for certain keywords of queries.

But how Google chooses restaurants and from where loads database of menus for certain restaurants ?
We will wait to get the answer to this question for a while.

According to information found on The Verge, Google spokesman reports that data comes from an unnamed partner. However it seems that the data have been downloaded from the website as and, but still there is not official list of sites that are used as the data source.
The principle is similar to those how Google use information from The Weather Channel and other partners in the search for the weather forecast.

google show me the menu

Google’s primary goal is to send people to the most relevant results. Now Google wants to show you the best answers to those who need it the most – people who are using smartphones and tablets to search the web for specific queries. For them Google must provide answers, not just results. Google don’t want to be just search engine , with this business policy it will become find engine! Isn’t that brilliant ?

If Google offer too many pages as a search result it becomes increasingly difficult to find an answer to the question, especially for those who are looking for information on the go who do not have much time, and mobile internet connection is often slow. If we add to this that your customer is probably hungry then fast browsing of restaurant menus is really necessary.
Probably, if you are owner of  “not so famous restaurant ” you will wait for a while until you find your offer on Google show me the menu restaurants list. But soon when we found out how to reach and take a place on the right side of Google ‘s list of the available results of restaurants-  I will share that with you.
Until then work diligently to improve the quality of food and service, and with a combination of quality content, traditional SEO tactics, you can build a web site that is favored by Google.

And when the time comes, your offer will be on Google ‘s list of searched results. And that means that you have hit your goal and your restaurant business is blooming!
Good luck!