Healthy fast food products ?

Healthy fast food products ?

A well established fact is that by introducing innovative ideas,like healthy fast food product a restaurant improves its image as a business that follows modern trends and at the same time satisfies market demands. In this way, a restaurant advances its operations and survives in a very competitive market.

Well-balanced diet is important for good health and vitality

In every segment, therefore in the restaurant industry as well, consumers are becoming more and more demanding due to a large scale of choices that keeps expanding as well as their increased awareness of their importance as consumers.
Since the general condition of our health depends mostly on our diet, food has become a very important focus in societies. On daily basis, media publish how important the food we eat is, what contributes to our good health and what to avoid.

Backed up by all the scientifically proven, as well as unproven, information, when eating out, consumer-guest expects those whose primary occupation is food to adopt some of the aforementioned recommendations.

Therefore, consumers need to be offered healthier alternatives on restaurant menus since they might have health difficulties, a desire to loose weight, or they are simply being careful about the content of the food they eat.

91.9 % of online survey participants feel that fast food restaurants must offer healthier choices as well

The need to introduce healthier meals in fast food restaurants is supported by the results of the online survey. Majority of the sample watch what they eat, which supports the assumptions of increased awareness on the part of consumers.

Results show that 91.9 % of participants feel that fast food restaurants must offer healthier meals as well.We could call it healthy fast food . General attitude of examiners on the quality of food in fast food restaurants is not satisfactory. Around 70% entirely agree or partly agree with the fact that food in these restaurants has too many calories, fat, salt and additives.

Innovations should follow health experts’ recommendations and include foods such as lean meat, whole-grain foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, leguminous plants, seeds, freshly squeezed juices, gluten-free foods, functional food rich in components such as probiotics and prebiotics, organic foods, etc.

Healthy food = good restaurant advertising

Poor eating habits are the result of, above all, lack of knowledge about this issue, lack of free time, dynamics of life during which people eat out most of the time. Therefore, innovative menu designers must find a way to educate consumers and point out the well known facts related to a balanced diet. At the same time, this will be good advertising for a restaurant.