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17 Halloween Promotion Ideas for Restaurants and Bars

17 Halloween Promotion Ideas for Restaurants and Bars

Creative Halloween promotion ideas for restaurants and bars that can be realized in 7 days.

Halloween is funny holiday! Take advantage of upcoming days and use this holiday to promote your restaurant or bar. After reading this text, you will get new ideas about how to organize some events, decorate your place, adjust your offer and what else you can do that your guests  remember this day.

Halloween has been celebrated on October 31 on the day of “All Saints” and of course it is a great opportunity to have fun and increase your business.

Take advantage of the huge consumer spending for Halloween—almost $6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation—other restaurants have seized the opportunity to galvanize their customer base.

This trend is transferred to European countries too where becomes  more and more popular each year. You still have some time to prepare your catering facility for this special crazy holiday. Where to start?

Ideas for Halloween Special Menus

Whether it is a bar or restaurant, your offer must be adjusted to this holiday too. Few ideas that you can use for your menu. You don’t need to search for something unusual and different, just adjust your offer and be creative!

Inspired with blood.

Any food or drink with red colors could be used. It is almost mandatory to have red tomato soup on your menu that you can named for Halloween as a “vampire blood “. It will look very interesting if you serve it in laboratory tubes.

halloween promotion Ideas for restaurants and bars vampire soup

Cocktail “Bloody Mary” is a must have.


Inspired with fire.

For dramatic flair serve flaming cocktails like Flaming Cocaine, Flaming Blue Blazer and other mixed drinks that contain flammable, high-proof alcohol, which is ignited prior to consumption.

There are also very popular cocktails like Zombies or Flaming Dragon.

In your bar should be hot as in hell!


Note: Combining fire with alcohol can be dangerous. Proper precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of both the bartender and the patrons drinking the beverage. The drink should never be consumed while the flames are still burning.

Even ordinary juices like apple juice or orange juice could seems scary if you decorate it with details such as spiders, cocoa powder or handsome sticks with skeletal motifs.

halloween promotion Ideas for restaurants and bars drinks

Spaghetti with red sauce on this day get called slimy snakes and chicken wings bat wings.

For dessert is mandatory to serve pumpkin pie and always attractive cup cakes decorated with zombies.

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Change the names of your menu items. Use your imagination and offer food and drink that you already have on the menu, but the decoration, scary names and special pricing on these items will make them even more attractive to your guests.

Tip: In supermarkets you can find gum and sugar candies in a variety of terrifying forms, such as spiders, beetles, snakes and skeletons. They are very practical for quick and easy decoration for desserts and drinks.

Print your special offer on a nice designed menu template and placed them on the tables, bar and counters. Here is one nice example of it.

halloween promotion Ideas for restaurants and bars menu ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Restaurant and Bar

Orange and black colors and are ideal for Halloween. With the help of this short video guide you will easily make appropriate decorations from pumpkins. Arm yourself with pumpkins, knives and candles. It is October  and time for pumpkins!

Turn of the lights, make mysterious atmosphere. Halloween is shrouded in darkness and secrets. So let it be dark in your restaurant or bar. Make some magic with a few tricks.

Decorate the dinner table with candles, use your imagination. Even some branches and dry leaves can be used to decorate tables. Stretch some white or grey net on the ceiling and bar, it will look like cobwebs.

halloween promotion Ideas for restaurants and bars decoration

Your staff also plays an important role in creating a scary atmosphere. Black clothing, masks, wigs and scary costumes. Everything is allowed!

Make a Frankenstein Birthday Party!

Surely you know about the world-famous story and the film Frankenstein, that was originally written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley when she was 21 years old. In fact, on this day Frankenstein celebrates his birthday, so this may be one of the good ideas for a theme for promotion. Waiters dressed as Frankenstein would create a chilling atmosphere.

What do you think about the idea for the promotion of type Funky Franky night and day?

Halloween Party Ideas for Your Little Guest

  • Halloween is one of those holidays where children particularly enjoy, so if you’re a restaurant owner do not forget that you can do a lot to get children and their parents in your place.
  • During the day, in a period when your restaurant has been less visited, organize a party for the little ones. Here are some ideas for great fun:
  • The staff in costumes of witches and zombies will be a big hit. Kids are crazy about scary characters :).
  • Give various sweets, candies and lollipops for free.
  • Decorate your place with lots of orange and black balloons.
  • Organize a contest to choose the best masks.
  • Let the one from your staff play the role of animator during this party.
  • To keep the children’s attention on the high level organize some simple games, such as games with balloons or shooting pumpkin contest with paper balls, of course.

halloween promotion Ideas for restaurants and bars party ideas

  • Use exclusively paper or plastic cups and plates. This will help to easily clean up the mess after party .
  • Offer a simple menu and regular meals with unusual names. For example, if you’re offering pancakes with chocolate sauce, draw spider graphs with chocolate, and give them a new name “spider’s favorite cake”.
  • Organize a small school of cooking Halloween dishes for children and their parents and inform the participants of the course through all available media.

Organize Halloween Party in Your Bar

Adults, like children enjoy a disguise and different games during this holiday season. I know many who are prepared even one month in advance for this night.

Offer more than your competition.

  • Host famous musicians or DJ ‘s.
  • Dancing sexy witch will move every man.
  • Offer discount on restaurant or bar coupons for Halloween
  • Arrangement partnership with representatives of popular brands to support promotional activities during this night.I do not mean only with representatives of some drinks brands, but also the owners of costume shops. Establish partnerships and exchange the coupons. Double marketing strategy!
  • Organize a cocktail party, and offer cocktails at promotional prices.
  • At the entrance to your restaurant or bar host the prophetess to prophesy….. maybe a great party time?
  • Send invitations to Halloween party by email if you have guest database.
  • Promote your offer via social networks.

Halloween is a children’s holiday but also a good business opportunity.

the child and the creative monster in yourself.

Happy Halloween! Have fun!