Top 10 Father’s Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Top 10 Father’s Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas

You can offer much more than steaks and bottomless beer. Plan something that fits his taste. Here comes some fresh Father’s Day restaurant promotion ideas.

When I’ve decided to write about restaurants promotion ideas for Father’s Day that is celebrating on Sunday, 15th of June this year, I thought that it is
simple task sience I know quite a lot about marketing for restaurant and already have some nice ideas. But after I got married and have son and live with two guys for more than 15 years I found out that you always need to ask them what they really think if you want to get true answer on some question.

So I asked and talk to lot of guys about this subject and finally made my own research. What they really want and how they would like to spend this day in a year that is very special just for them, and what can you do to make your restaurant perfect place for this holiday?

Dinner is The Most Popular Meal for Father’s Day?

According to statistics found at National Restaurant Association website dinner is the most popular meal on Father’s Day. 67 percent of celebrants choosing to dine out for an evening meal; 24 percent go out for lunch, 10 percent for brunch, and 11 percent for breakfast. But check this fact, almost 10 percent of Father’s Day diners go out for more than one meal!

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Even 60 % of Father’s Day dinners says that the most important factor when choosing a restaurant for this holiday is a dad’s favorite restaurant, regardless of specials, 15 percent choose a restaurant that is kids – friendly and 13 percent choose a restaurant that dad hasn’t been to before.13 % is not quite a big number and according to statistics you can expect just few new guests during this holiday. That is one more reason to be sure to do everything you can to attract your regular guests for Father’s Day.
That could be some special menu but I would rather recommend to organize some special events or social entertainment like one man show, open microphone, karaoke, theme nights or live music.

Father’s Day Restaurant Promotion Ideas

  • Host a professional photographer or arm yourself or one of your staff with a camera to take snapshots of families with happy dad’s faces! This is also a great opportunity to build your database with emails of your regular customers, as you will ask them to give you contact emails to send them a photos. I’m sure that they will give you their emails gladly that you can use for direct marketing later .

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  • Invite some popular cocktail master or famous chef, and let them to prepare delicious meals and drinks for your guests in front of them. Cocktail master should mix macho- drinks, one without the fruit flavor or cherry garnish, made from bourbon or whiskey like Bulleit Neat or A Hole in One. Make that night more interesting with beautiful hostesses that can offer drinks and food to your guests to taste it. Daddies would love that for sure!
  • Create “Father’s Week” instead of “Father’s Day”. This gives the opportunity to your guests to enjoy in Father’s Day specials for more then one day, and to celebrate this day with family those who can’t be with family that specific Sunday, like you and other caterers I guess!
  • Lift up atmosphere with “open microphone”. All you need is microphone and good mood of your guests. Encourage them to come on stage and share something funny by telling couple of jokes. Different funny stories about man and woman relationships  will bring the atmosphere on higher level during the dinner.

fathers day restaurant promotion ideas live music

  • Host some popular musician. This will attract your guests and often bring in new guests – musician’s fans, that can become your new regular customers. Good choice of music will assure good atmosphere and additional money from higher traffic will cover the cost of contractor.
  • Surprise your guests with an appropriate gifts. This can be a gift card, free drink or dessert, or get a partnership with owners of theaters, hair style salons, bookstores, and offer 50% lower prices for services in the mentioned facilities for your guests.

Father’s Day Menu Ideas

You do not have to be owner of steak house to have great steaks at good prices during Father’s day. My recommendation would be to create Father’s Day prix fixe menu. Prix fixe menu is consisting of an appetizer, main dish and dessert, at a set fixed price, but with some alternatives within each category.
In this way you increase the sale of targeted food, get extra profits and speed up operations in the restaurant. It helps to improve customer service during busy days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

fathers day restaurant promotion ideas prix fixe

Be sure that you have steaks, chicken wings, barbecue ribs, grilled beef smothered in a vibrant herb butter and different kind of sausages on your Father’s Day menu. And yes, grilled fresh vegetable for vegetarians with different cheese sauces.

Tip: Don’t forget to include favorite kid’s meals like spaghetti or pizza in your menu, since 71% of children 6 or under ate dinner with their dads on this holiday! (source)

Father’s Day Brunch Buffet

Does dads eat smart? No they don’t. Especially not during this holiday! Treat dads with respect but keep Father’s Day Brunch simple. Father’s Day brunch buffet should include: great grill like grilled chicken, steaks or juicy hamburgers, baked ham, crab claw clusters, oysters on the half shell, peel and eat shrimp, omlet and egg station, different pastries, potato and fresh salads.
Combine this delicious food with summer drinks and tempting summer desserts like fruit cakes, waffle station with blueberry and cherry toppings, pancakes, ice cream and fresh fruit salads with extra whipped cream.

fathers day restaurant promotion ideas brunch ideas

Get Ready for Kids in Your Restaurant

Kids are your little guests too and are involved in whole story, so be prepared for them. This means that noisy kids could ruin the atmosphere and slow down the service. You may fix this problem with combo menu for kids. This will speed up process of ordering for little ones. Prepare special corner where the children will have fun doing some quieter activities such as drawing or making cards for dads that will keep them in one part of restaurant while they waiting for food. Create a special separe for guests who have very small kids with few kid’s feeding chairs.


Restaurant Promotion for Father’s Day

Begin your restaurants promotion for Father’s Day now and send reminders up until the day. Plan how you will communicate with your potential guest about your program. Would you use e-mail, flyers, posters or stickers in the neighborhood? Good idea is to make promotional video about preparation of Father’s Day specials, and to share it on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Include gifts like Gift Cards in your offer. Create special program and promote special offer for your loyalty customers. Use OpenTable or Yelp to promote your offer where people may  leave  their reviews about your restaurant. Make a special discount for first 10 reservations. Use some of the many proven marketing methods for restaurant business.

Find a way to track all of your marketing activities and choose those with the best results. Remember the fact that multiple marketing methods have proved to be the most effective for best sales results! If you have some comments I would be happy if you leave it below!
Happy Father’s Day!