Facebook for restaurants and bars: why you need photographs

Facebook for restaurants and bars: why you need photographs

Posting photographs of your establishment or your food and drink offer on your Facebook page is one of the best Internet marketing tools. People like food and have hungry eyes so what’s better than top notch photographs giving them a reason to visit your restaurant or a bar.Wanna nice looking Facebook for retaurants?

If your place has interesting and cool details, it’s best to photograph them, adding value to your offer. People respond best to photos of food and drink in real situations, during consummation or just coming out of the kitchen or bar. If you can afford it, hire a professional photographer, and if not you can do it yourself and make a large step forward in your business.

Publish photographs on your Facebook for restaurants regularly, with a title and a fun comment. Humor is recommended, leaving an impression your establishment offers the same atmosphere, relaxed, warm and with good food.

If one of your Facebook fans posts a picture, you can offer them free drinks or an appetizer when they visit. Best additional advertising on Facebook is mouth to mouth recommendations from fans who have received free drinks from you.

Photographs should also show your establishment as attractive and your staff as polite and obliging to customers’ every wish.


Taking care of customers

Offer, advertising, cleanliness and visual impression of the staff

Kitchen and staff cleanliness

Making the meals (traditional)

Atmosphere and satisfied guests

Meal presentation