4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas

Freedom also means that you can offer whatever you want! Open the door for great fun and extra profits with those 4th of July restaurant promotions ideas!

4th of July is a National Holiday when residents across the USA celebrate freedom and independence of their country, but for you as a caterer it is another good opportunity for additional income and promotion of your restaurant.
Timely organization and restaurant promotions will be simplified if you did a budget plan for restaurant marketing for whole year. If you have some funds destined for this purpose that is great news, but even if you don’t have it you can still do a lot. Keep reading and you will find out how.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas parade

Timely Organization is Path to Success

Be prepared for crowd and high traffic. What you need to do in June to be ready for this holiday:

  • Review your financial situation and determine the available money for celebration of this holiday.
  • Plan your restaurant offer for 4th of July and stick to your financial plan. Create menu, special offer, promotions and entertainment.
  • Do not let that your best waiter got sick this day or maybe that he or she took day off.  Arrange working shifts earlier and let your reserve staff for assistance in the restaurant be ready. Do not leave anything to chance!
  • Write down list of Items that needs to be purchased.
  • Go to shopping. Get plenty of meat, chicken, hamburgers, beers and soda. Do not forget the holiday props.
  • Decorate your restaurant for Independence Day.
  • Promote your restaurant offer through all available promotional channels.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas menu

Restaurant Menu for Independence Day

The data show that 41 million of Americans spend Independence Day outside their homes. Then you can certainly make sure that your restaurant should be filled to capacity on this day.
What do your guests want? People are generally very simple creatures and all will agree that their desires are not too big. If you offer good atmosphere, give a little effort into decorations, give a decent salary to your waitera and they will serve their guests with a smile, do not serve old or burnt food to your guests, and they will surely be satisfied and will come back to your restaurant again.

You do not believe that it is so simple? Be free to try!

But what about Independence Day, that famous July 4th when in cities around the USA are organized various social events, parades and gatherings that attract crowds of people. What Americans like to eat this day? What to drink? Maybe the following statistics will help you to create restaurant offer:

  • Every year for Independence Day in the USA has been eaten 150 million of hot dogs.
  • 700 million pounds of chicken has been purchases in the week leading up to July 4th.
  • 190 million pounds of red meat/ pork has been purchased in the week leading up to July 4th.
  • 25 million pounds is the amount of fireworks that have been sold to cities for public celebrations.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas Menu Ideas

Regarding these data, it is clear that the grilled meat is a favorite food consumed on Independence Day. Highlight the promotional prices of these dishes in the National Holiday offer! To increase sales of targeted products combine grilled meat with most common side dishes, desserts and drinks or create prix fixe menu for this holiday.

Ideas for Independence Day Brunch

Respect the wishes of your guests but keep your menu simple. These food should be gladly found on your 4th of July brunch menu:
Juicy burgers, chicken wings and drumsticks, juicy steaks, cleaned crabs, various omelettes, oysters, shrimp, various pastes and biscuits, potato salad and fresh seasonal salad.
For refreshment
offer to your guests a refreshing drink like fresh fruit juice, lemonade, iced tea and orange juice. Beer and soda are unavoidable so provide more beer than you can imagine that would be necessary.
Make your grill really hot, spice it with extra spice, make fireworks in your guests mouths! Of course, for those who love it! It is necessary to quench the thirst after all those burgers?
Lure guests with tempting summer desserts
such as fruit cakes, waffles with cherry topping, pancakes, ice cream and fruit salad with extra whipped cream. With a little creativity your cakes will become a real cute little patriots as shown in pictures below.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas Brunch Ideas

Place Grill In Front of Your Restaurant

If your restaurant is located in a busy street where will be holiday parade organized it would be a good idea to set up a small mobile grill to attract passers. Install your grill even a week before the celebration. You can set up it on restaurant parking or in front of your restaurant. Make sure that you are not breaking the law, so check with your local authorities if you need a license to operate in this manner.

Be creative with your grill decorations, use colors of America’s flag, blue, red and white colors should dominate in all elements, paper saucer, drinking glasses, paper bags, flags on toothpicks, straws and napkins. Contact on time your local supplier of holiday props.

Do not forget the kids. Buy several balloons filled with helium that look like cartoon heroes. They are really tested lure for children, and irresistible smell of barbecue will take care of their parents.

Give to kids sweets and lollipops in the colors of the American flag for free. They can be bought at very low prices,or home made and will attract the attention of children. With a little luck their parents will become your guests. Share to passers flyers with information about your restaurant’s offer for Independence Day at stand.

Restaurant Decoration Ideas for Independence Day

Patriotic Flower Arrangement. Any occasion would be more festive with fresh flowers on your restaurant table. Use flowers in America’s colors – red and white, that could be hyacinths, tulips, or Canterbury bell and finish floral arrangement with a blue bow. Present the flowers in a pail filled with sand, that would help to hold the blooms in place and lends the table a casual, beachy feel.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas flowers

Balloons are always a good choice, if not my favorite. There is something special in place decorated with balloons. Always remind me on my childhood. You can play with them on a million possible ways and put them where ever you want.

Flags should be everywhere, on the walls, flags on hot dogs, cookies or use the flag as curtain or tablecloths. Show your patriotic spirit!

Uniform for your staff should be in combination of colors: red, white and blue. T-shirts and shirts with American characteristics or decorated with flags that can be used as a scarf around the neck, tie or scarf for your hair.

Candles can be a very nice decoration for the table. You will need color for textiles or you may even use color for food and salt that you can paint in blue and red and put it in a transparent glass as the colors of the American flag. Place it in the glass with small scented candles and enjoy in the romantic National holiday atmosphere!

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas decorations

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas

Choose some of these ideas for celebration of Independence Day in your restaurant:

Host popular musicians. With a good selection of music, good atmosphere will be guaranteed and higher turnover will provide additional money to cover the cost of the contractor.
Popular musicians will attract visitors and bring in new guests – their fans that may become your new regular customers.

Organize a charity dinner or lunch party. Fourth of July is the day when we celebrate freedom and equality for all of us and it makes it a perfect day to organize a charity dinner or lunch to help to vulnerable groups in our society like people and children with disabilities.
These parties always attract the local media, and every occurrence in them increases the popularity of your restaurant and attract new guests. This will strengthen the reputation of your restaurant in your community. It will also make you feel good because helping someone is the best thing that you can do after helping yourself.
Tip: Invite to charity party some of influential or popular personalities from political or cultural life to create a buzz about this event and maximize traffic in your restaurant.

Reward your loyal guests. Provide special discounts to your regular customers. Reward them on this day with free drink or dessert of their choice. Be grateful for their loyalty.

Make a partnership with owners of bookstores, beauty salons, cinemas, spas and similar services. Your partners could also be owners of clothes, shoes or jewelry stores. Surprise your guests with discounts for services in these facilities. In this way you create cross-promotion activities, they promote your restaurant and your restaurant promote their goods and services.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas fireworks

Hire professional photographer, or engage one of your personnel to take a photo camera and capture happy moments and send photos to your guests by email. Take advantage of this opportunity to build or refresh your customer database that can be later used for direct marketing campaigns.

Make a Fireworks for Your Guests

If you want to do something spectacular for this holiday then the idea to make a fireworks for your guests may sound interesting. In any case, do not play with rackets and follow the instructions that will ensure safety conditions during storage, warehousing and activation of fireworks.
If you want to do it by yourself follow these instruction to install and launch fireworks.

  • Check what type of fireworks is legally (allowed) to launch in your city. Call the police or fire station, they will give you adequate and correct information.
  • Find fireworks as desired. Order it at least two weeks in advance. Shipments are often delayed and in this way you’ll ensure getting the shipment on time.
  • Make your show. Draw the schedule for activation of rockets on a bigger piece of paper. Remember that low-intensity firework rockets go closer to the audience and those with high intesity need to be further away from the observer. Make a few plans and choose the best.
  • Wait for complete darkness for the best effects of your firework show. The audience should be at least 50 feet away from the place where you will launch the fireworks.
  • Provide a personnel with a water on both sides of the audience.
  • Make sure you have a lighter. Nothing can spoil a good fireworks as defective missiles that will not start.
  • Enjoy the spectacle with your guests!

Remember: It is extremely important that you any time when working with a flammable substance to make sure you don’t put yourself, other people, your property and the nature at risk of getting burned or set on fire.

4th of July Restaurant Promotions Ideas children parade

Promotion of Your Restaurant Offer for 4th of July

Do not forget to promote your restaurant offer through all available channels.
If you still don’t have profiles on social networks create them and go to action. Start with Facebook, Twitter, G+. Share interesting information, photos and videos that will attract your potential customers. Share content from your website if you have one.

Set billboard advertisement in front of your restaurant door or put jumbo poster on your restaurant windows about your Independence Day party and special offer. These posters need to be attractive and visible for passers, some of them may become your customer. Follow tips from previous blog for the successful online and offline restaurant promotion.

Let your restaurant shine as one of the stars on the American flag. Be proud on your restaurant, your offer and your team. Do your best and enjoy in celebration.
Happy Independence Day!