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Responsibilities of servers and managers

Responsibilities of servers and managers

There are several types of serving systems in restaurants. The larger number of servers work in a serving area, the higher the quality of service will be. We would talk about responsibilities of servers and managers.

Work in restaurants is organized in such a way that a certain number of tables are grouped into what are called serving areas. One or more servers can work in an area.

One-server system

This system is applied in restaurants with a less complex service and less choices of food and drink on their menus.

Serving manager oversees the serving areas, each placed in charge of one server.

Manager – duties:

  1. before customers arrive, controls preparations,
  2.  checks the appearance of servers,
  3. checks the knowledge of servers about daily specials and regular menu items,
  4. greets the customers as they enter and seats them in a particular serving area with the help of the server,
  5. asks customers what they thought about the food and drink offer, and about the staff,
  6. assists new servers and evaluates their capabilities and self-reliance,
  7. oversees the work of servers in the back and the front of the restaurant,
  8. manages the schedule, weekly and annual vacations, notifies about mistakes made and gives advice on how to correct them,
  9. organizes professional trainings,
  10. must be fair,
  11. pays particular attention to the staff and follows their work.


In a serving area, server fulfills all the duties alone and makes sure the customers are satisfied:

  •  finishes preparations,
  • studies the menu and specials,
  • seats the guests in his/her area, hands them the menu,
  • takes their orders and charges them,
  • brings food and drinks, clears the tables.

Two-server system- This is what do restaurant menagers do in two-server system

Manager: holds the same duties as in the one-server system.

Server in charge of an area – duties:

  1.  must know the food and drink offer very well,
  2. must know the rules of serving, be skillful at selling, speak foreign languages,
  3. controls preparations,
  4. greets the guests, seats them, takes their order, hands them the bill,
  5. serves the customers with assistance of the back server,
  6. sees them off together with the back server,
  7.  must be present in the serving area during the entire meal,
  8. trains the back server.

Back- server, duties:

I. performs necessary preparations, must know the inventory, the food and drink offer, the way they are served, the way tables are cleared and set.