How to make a successful teams – part 3

How to make a successful teams – part 3

In order to be prosperous, you need to build successful teams. Every team must have a manager, whether it will be you or someone you will hire. Here is the profile of a manager in hospitality:

Characteristics of a team manager:

  1. must be a cultured person,
  2. must respect every team member,
  3. must not be a careerist and take credit for team results,
  4. must not impose his/her will on the team,
  5. when describing successes must use “WE,” and for failures “I.”

This kind of manager mobilizes the team better than any incentive. The team feels that he/she is responsible for success.

In addition, if a manager is calm and patient, does not get caught in spirited discussions (which happen frequently in a team), and is a respected restaurateur, then this kind of manager is crucial for the team.

Factors that weaken team spirit

Successful teams have always find solutions to fix problems in a given time-frame.

However, many things can happen that can weaken team spirit and reduce team’s efficiency, such as:

  •  team members not trusting their leader or leader not trusting team members.

Some believe that even good leaders are not to be trusted completely because no leader is flawless.

Managers should certainly be reminded of this fact from time to time (not to mention politicians).

Being submissive to the team leader harms the team

It is true that people often obey leaders. If this happens in a team, it harms the team more than anything.

Submission in general corrupts managers and destroys followers. When a team is able to accept its leader on healthy bases, then such a leader must be able to tell whether the team accepts him/her and have a non-controlling attitude.

A team is weakened:

  1. when a manager is too controlling,
  2. when manager’s actions are based on defending personal interests,
  3. when it has too many members,
  4.  when all members are not equal,
  5. when members care only about their own careers.

With respects to all the elements that weaken team spirit that the manager must know, the most important task of a manager is to create favorable conditions for creative work and freedom of expression and action.

In today’s world, team work is studied in schools and universities. Solving strategic problems by a team in simulated in classes. Management techniques in the hospitality industry are also taught.