Restaurants organization schedule tips

Restaurants organization schedule tips

Managing the organization schedule when employees are on vacation, whether it’s previously approved or a sudden absence is always a problem in restaurants. It leads to reduced profit, as well as turnover. Even though every manager thinks he/she has a solution and that any server or cook can be replaced, in the long run this turns out to be a big operational mistake.

Good manager deserves an Oscar

Every manager should be skilled in organizing employee schedule. If managers are lacking this skill, they should attend seminars and get educated on this subject.
Controlling the efficiency of every worker is a difficult task, but controlling it while at the same time running the restaurant and the kitchen is a talent worthy of an Oscar.
Nothing will disturb the business or cause dissatisfaction among customers more like an absence of an employee, especially during lunch or dinner. Professionals are prepared to work with employees they scheduled for a certain shift. Replacing an employee affects work efficiency since it disturbs the previously made plan.

Having teams is necessary

Even though managers don’t understand the importance of scheduling teams in shifts, this means a lot to employees who work together.
The skill of pairing up more experienced with less experienced or less talented servers is always used by good managers when forming strong teams.

Giving timely warnings is important

Employees who often miss work without informing you in advance should be warned as soon as possible. Unfortunately, managers often make the mistake of not taking this problem too seriously.
When making the schedule and taking into account absences, managers must be very flexible.

10 useful tips

Here are 10 useful tips for organization schedule efficiently:

  1. Divide wait staff into two groups: strong and weaker workers;
  2. Determine group strength or weakness based on experience, skills or talents;
  3. Take two best servers and form two teams around them;
  4. Analyze the list of servers in detail, starting from the strongest to the weakest;
  5.  Give each server his/her assignments in a particular team;
  6. Organize the kitchen in the same way;
  7. Determine rules for giving days off;
  8. Highlight the strict rule that employees are not allowed to ask for a day off once the schedule has been posted;
  9. When you notice that employees start taking advantage of taking days off at certain times, take them off the schedule for a longer time period, which will affect them financially;
  10. Document all unapproved absences in order to make a better schedule next time.


What is your way of forming the most effective team? How do you deal with unannounced employee absences?