Does Restaurant Tipping Improve Your Restaurant Staff Efficiency

Does Restaurant Tipping Improve Your Restaurant Staff Efficiency

What people think about restaurant tipping, and how tipping can make an influence in your restaurant staff quality of work?

Every year people around the world tip a billions of dollars in restaurants, and restaurant tipping do both of them, those that are frequent and those that will never visit certain restaurant again.

Giving tip during a visit in restaurant is something that falls into the habit, obligation or necessity? The answer to this question depends on many factors, some of them are the social status of the customer, their knowledge about behavior in the restaurant and satisfaction or dissatisfaction with received restaurant services.

A restaurant workers who during the shift gets more tip will certainly be the ones who put more effort and energy into their work and relationship with the guests. You as a restaurant owner or restaurant manager should recognize these workers and reward them because the customer is in a better position to observe the quality of service than you are. He pay his check for food, service and will gladly give his money and tip the server who makes him happy.Some of them will leave money on the table even they pay some percent of bill for tip in accordance with the new restaurant policy. But whether the money will affect that your waiter do even better job ? Yes it will! Regarding economists theories tipping exists because it is the most efficient way to incentivize restaurant workers. Check out this beautiful infographic about customers thoughts and facts about tipping in restaurants.