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How to manage restaurant Inventory

How to manage restaurant Inventory

One of the important issues to deal with for future restaurant or bar owners is the transfer of shifts between servers and managers. It is important to organize that process so that it runs smoothly and simply, without damaging anyone. A basics of conducting restaurant inventory are very easy to learn.

If you wish to conduct this process in a modern way by using a computer and proper software this would mean that the goods arriving are entered in the stock list. When the servers type in and issue bills, the goods are automatically taken off the list according to your specifications. At the end of the shift, the stock list is printed out and it must match the physical goods. This is what the process should look like. However, since we are aware that this procedure is not followed by most, we will explain the manual way of handing over a shift.

If you make restaurant inventory sheet  by yourself this is how it should look like.

First, a list must be made that includes the following columns:

• Item description
• Inventory quantity
• Quantity received
• Total
• Quantity sold
• Remaining quantity

This is simple example

Inventory quantity field contains the beginning number of certain items. If more has been received during the shift, it is entered in the field quantity received. The two fields are then added to get the total. Number of items sold is entered in the field quantity sold and the remaining quantity is what the next shift is taking over.
It is important to mention that if the checks are not typed in, shift transfer is done by deducting the remaining quantity from the total and entering the number in the quantity sold field. In this case, the remaining quantity is arrived at by counting the physical items manually.
You need to know this only if you are conducting the process manually, but if you are using a computer program that support all of the before mentioned, everything is done by just one click.

How do you do it?