Improve your business by listening your customers

Improve your business by listening your customers

One of the simplest and easiest ways to get free advice on how to improve your business is to listen to what your customers have to say on your restaurant or bar. The best marketing ideas for restaurants came from our customers if we just listen carefully.

However, your guests will not just come out on their own with their comments. You have to entice them to speak so you can get the information you need. Most customers will not tell you directly if they didn’t like something about your service, but they will tell their friends and family and a good percentage of them will share their experience on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

This way you will not only lose those customers who have the information you need, but you will lose potential customers as well.

It is very important that you find a way to get to that information and with an apology keep those existing customers, using their well-meaning critiques to correct the mistakes you have made in your business. You can also use the information to reward and motivate your staff, post positive comments on your website or Facebook page showing how much you care about each customer and their opinion.

Getting return information from your customers will improve your business extensively. This will help you to found new marketing ideas for restaurants and to build stronger relationships with your customers.

Several tips on how to get return information:

Talk to your customers

Talking to your customers is the simplest way to get return information about your service. Talking is also an excellent way to start building a relationship. Always ask your customers what kind of food and service they like and what you can do to improve your service. If a customer has a good idea, try it. It will show them that you care about their opinion and you will get a chance to try something that could improve your business.

Find the information on Internet

Once a week google your restaurant to find out what kind of comments customers made. If you run into a negative comment try to get in touch with that customer, apologize to them and tell them you plan to correct the mistake. Invite them to visit your restaurant again and see that you have taken their suggestions into consideration.

Create a data base of your customers’ e-mails

Use this mailing list not only to send new information or promotion material, but also surveys and questionnaires so customers can contribute with their comments and provide you with necessary information. Offer a reward for participating, such as a 10% discount on their next meal or a free appetizer.

Use comment cards

Comment cards are an excellent was to collect new information from your customers. Information is given anonymously and is placed in a box located near restaurant exit.
Another option is online cards on your website or Facebook page. Again, offer everyone who participate a free drink or discount next time they visit.

Customer must never leave angry

Don’t allow for your customer to leave your establishment dissatisfied and angry. If you don’t know how to deal with unsatisfied customers, get educated on the subject and educate your staff as well. Most people are ready to forgive a mistake as long as you offer a sincere apology and find a way to solve a situation through dialogue.