How to run restaurant team

How to run restaurant team

Communicating with your staff in a cafe, pizzeria or a restaurant is not as easy task. How to run restaurant team , find a way to deal with different characters, without threatening their identities and at the same time getting the results you want can be characterized as an art of doing business. It’s a skill of top managers in hospitality and the theme of the following text.

Team is a clock mechanism

Whether your employees have experience in hospitality or not, it is always challenging to create a good team where everyone feels a part of it and understands their roles and value. Let’s assume your team is a clock mechanism. Every part of that mechanism has a part to play, big or small. Without cooperation, responsibility and support among the parts, the clock would not tell the correct time. The same goes for your staff. But where to begin and how to achieve this harmony?

Leader always has a solution

In the team hierarchy, manager or director are leaders and are expected to have a solution to every problem at any moment. The entire team expects their leader to know what they’re doing and why, to believe in what they’re doing because that’s when the team can believe as well and perform its tasks. The team always expects trust to be present among the staff and that no human calculations exist. The team in fact expects their leader to create one living being consisting of all of the employees and the establishment itself, giving meaning to their existence.

Dialogue is the key

In order to achieve harmony, the leader needs to set an example in everything. He/she always needs to see the smallest details and in a simple manner explain the issues and offer solutions. The leader needs to talk to employees, listen and adopt every good idea regardless of who proposed it. If it leads to an improvement of business, why not apply it. In this way, the leader shows respect to employees’ opinions and contributes to closer cooperation within the team.

As a leader, you don’t need to separate business from emotions. It is understood that your business decisions are objective and in your opinion best at a given moment. However, showing understanding when mistakes happen and good ideas are proposed is an element leading you to team harmony and top managing skills. That is the moment when the team begins to respect you and believe in you without fear. From that moment on, your every decision is not brought into question. The team knows you will look after each of them and treat them equally. Your decisions are brief, clear and with purpose. Always keep in mind that there are different solutions to a problem. From two evils, chose a lesser one.

Truth above all

In case you don’t have a solution to a problem, be honest with your staff. However, say that you will find one and believe you will. Don’t lie or show things as they are not because your team members will see your dishonesty. Reward good behavior of your employees and sanction bad. Don’t take a long time making a decision. Make it quickly and present it clearly. This attitude will provide support to your team and your establishment and no problem will be unsolvable. Be a strong leader believing that everything you do, you do the best you can, in the interest of the community and the living being called a good team.