5 tips how to motivate team in your restaurant

5 tips how to motivate team in your restaurant

One of the key factors of success is satisfied staff. When your staff is happy, it is very probable that your customers will feel the same way with the service they received. Regardless of how good your food and drink offer is, if the customers are not happy with your service, they are not likely to come back. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take if you still don t know how to motivate team in your restaurant. This will make your staff satisfied and smiling, thus keeping your customers happy.

Competitive salaries

It is very useful to enquire as to what the salaries are in other establishments so you can compare them to the ones you offer. You can easily see what a big problem you would have is one of your experienced and reliable staff members leaves to work for your competition.

Recognize and reward good results

There are various situations in which you can praise the good results of your staff: compliments from satisfied customers, helping a colleague in his/her station, an innovative idea to improve business are some of many.
You must recognize those moments and let your staff know you are aware of their effort. A couple of words of praise can be the first step.

Working hours

How to motivate team in your restaurant if your staff working overtime?Overtime not discussed and agreed with employees can cause discontent. Stick to agreed shifts and working hours and reduce the risk of causing dissatisfaction. Introduce the possibility of employees seeing their schedule in advance so they can plan their free time and be relaxed.

Socialize with your staff off the clock

In addition to annual vacations of your staff, think about socializing with them outside of working hours, for example throwing an informal barbecue or a Sunday lunch party, where everyone can feel they are a part of the team and have fun. Result of these gatherings, popularly called team building, are trust and togetherness.


A loss of an employee means you will have to spend money on replacement and training of a new one. In the meantime your schedule will be incomplete and the service below your desired level. However, if an existing employee knows they will get a bonus for the extra effort he/she puts in, it is very likely the service will not suffer and dedication from your staff will remain unaffected.

What are some of your experiences as an owner and as a customer with unsatisfied staff?