How to make espresso ?

How to make espresso ?

Serving a good quality espresso is one of the preconditions of running a good business. The secret how to make espresso which will make your guests to came for more is the following.

Grinding espresso beans

Grinding the beans is a very important step in making espresso. Doing it the wrong way can turn a perfect blend of coffee into a burnt powder. If the beans are ground too coarse, the water runs through too quickly and does not extract the flavor or aroma. If they’re ground too fine, the result will be a very strong espresso, with a burnt aroma.

Adjusting the grinder

The grinder needs to be adjusted so that the extraction time for one regular espresso is 25-30 seconds. If the extraction time is longer, adjusted the grinder to a coarser grind. If it is less than 25 seconds, adjust it to a finer grind.

It is important to clean all parts of the grinder regularly because of the oils the coffee lets out, which can make the coffee taste bitter.

We recommend using 7 grams of espresso coffee for one espresso. Also, the grinder should never contain more ground coffee than is necessary for 30 minutes of work in order to preserve the freshness and aroma of the beans.

Espresso machine

How to make espresso – with espresso machine of course. Choice of it is also very important in making a perfect espresso. 

Water temperature

Water temperature for a good quality coffee must be up to 92°C; water pressure in the boiler 1.0-1.2 Bar; pump pressure 9 atm; ground coffee dosage 7 grams; ground coffee pressure in the filter 20-25 kilopond. Extraction time for 25/30 ml of coffee (equivalent of one espresso) is 25-30 seconds. Temperature of coffee in the cup must be 65°C.

Espresso machine maintenance

In the end, an equally important factor in preparing a perfect espresso is the person responsible for:

  • cleaning the group screen and group handle,
  • cleaning the shower head,
  • replacing rubbers regularly,
  • cleaning the depurator every 20-30 kg of coffee used,
  • cleaning the shower head with a blind portafilter.

A perfect espresso

A perfect espresso has a 3-4 mm thick cream on top, hazelnut color with slight light brown lines. The sugar sinks slowly through the cream, which completely regenerates in the cup after stirring. An espresso gives several short sips of pleasure, relaxation and happiness one can wish for every day.